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D695990 Confection  
D695988 Animal treat  
D695991 Confection  
D695994 Sandwich  
D695989 Confection  
D695992 Cookie  
D695489 Edible maze  
D695486 Angled food wrap  
D695488 Doughnut  
D695487 Cupcake shaped fruit dessert  
D694987 Food product  
D694988 Baked foodstuff  
D694986 Filled pet treat  
D694486 Confectionary  
D693986 Confection  
D693536 Sleeve for an ice confectionery  
D693086 Ravioli with fork imprint  
D693087 Ravioli with fork imprint  
D692206 Twisted pet treat  
D692627 Pet chew toy  
D691776 Confection  
D691777 Shrimp burger  
D691346 Confection  
D690896 Snack food product  
D690897 Pet chew  
D690076 Holder for an edible cone  
D689666 Confection  
8536429 Polynucleotides encoding a NAX2 polypeptide and methods for enhancing salinity tolerance in plants  
The present invention relates to polypeptides, and polynucleotides encoding therefor, with cation transporter activity. In particular, the present invention relates to methods for producing,...
D689257 Outer wrapper envelope for filter bags  
D689256 Snack  
D688436 Pet foodstuff  
D688437 Spiral potato piece  
D688439 Confectionary  
D688438 Confectionary  
D688027 Pet treat  
D688026 Packaged food article  
D688029 Food product  
D688028 Lid for ice cream cone  
D687616 Pet treat  
D687206 Pet treat  
D687207 Pet food supplement  
D686797 Pet treat  
D686796 Lollipop  
D686387 Confectionary  
D686388 Confectionary  
D686386 Confectionary  
D685978 Confectionary  
D685979 Pet treat  
D685977 Ravioli with fork imprint  
D685976 Manual dispenser of edible foods such as ice cream, pastry and the like