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D706516 Illuminated handle  
D706518 Confection  
D706017 Food product  
D706016 Snack food product  
D705517 Flower top dessert  
D705516 Twisted pet treat  
8734875 Stuffed dough pocket with grasping extension  
A food product includes a pocket formed from dough, a portion of a food stuffing material captured within the pocket, and a protrusion coupled to the pocket. The protrusion is capable of being...
D704918 Baked food product  
D704917 Animal treat  
D704916 Ice cream on a stick  
D704919 Food product shape  
D704416 Confection  
D703918 Set of confectionary articles  
D703916 Pet treat  
D703917 Confectionary slab article  
D702417 Food product  
D702416 Baked food product  
D702016 Triangle shaped pastry with intersecting ridges  
D702405 Pet chew toy  
D702017 Tea bag  
D701666 Pet chew  
D701670 Food product  
D701668 Set of confectionary articles  
D701667 Snack food product  
D701671 Food product  
D701672 Food product  
D701669 Confectionary slab article  
D701366 Food product  
D701016 Cheese in form of a triangular pyramid  
D701017 Artificial stem for edible flower  
D699917 Tea filter  
D699916 Confectionary article  
D700314 Stackable pellet  
D699416 Pet treat  
D699017 Pet foodstuff  
D699016 Pet foodstuff  
D698116 Edible biscuit  
D697686 Pet food supplement  
D697692 Pet food supplement  
D697689 Candy  
D697691 Pet food supplement  
D697690 Grit chip  
D697688 Food product  
D697687 Pet food supplement  
D697275 Pet chew toy  
D696837 Swirled cookie with three icing stripes  
D696836 Dog chew  
D695987 Food stand  
D695986 Confection  
D695993 Baked food product