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D619776 Chocolate bar  
D619777 Hard candy  
D619326 Goldfish-shaped vegetable slice  
D618877 Bread roll  
D618879 Treat for pets  
D618876 Bread roll  
D618878 Bread roll  
D618426 Red velvet cake  
D618429 Confectionery piece  
D618428 Pet treat  
D618427 Pet treat  
D617079 Comestible  
D617077 Food product  
D617076 Lollipop  
D617078 Confection  
D616177 Comestible  
D616176 Confectionery  
D615728 Cookie  
D615727 Chocolate tablet  
D615726 Animal-shaped food product  
D615276 Doughnut  
D615277 Bakery product  
D614831 Pasta  
D614830 Pet treat  
D614827 Bread roll  
D614832 Flatbread  
D614829 Doughnut  
7709077 Multi-zone pop stick napkin  
A multi-zone napkin is provided for use with a frozen treat mounted on a stick to absorb drips. A portion of the stick can be located through a mounting slot in the napkin. A distribution zone...
D613476 Confection  
D613029 Candy  
D613030 Confection  
D613028 Chocolate tablet  
D613031 Round pressed tablet  
D613026 Treat for pets  
D611676 Food product  
D611226 Wafer  
D609877 Edible confection  
D609876 Food product with sprinkle, frosting and wave design  
D609878 Curved cracker  
D609426 Food product with tube, frosting and wave design  
D608976 Dual colored chewing gum  
D608060 Dog bone with flossed ends  
D607181 Pet treat  
D607179 Meat piece  
D607178 Doughnut product with six appendages and without a hole  
D607176 Doughnut product with six appendages  
D606726 Gelato container with gelato  
D606279 Edible pet chew  
D606280 Uncooked snack  
D606277 Edible maze