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D632866 Chocolate rabbit  
D632867 Chocolate rabbit with bow, bell and patch  
D632456 Multi-layered doughnut product  
D632046 Edible spoon  
D632210 Vase  
D632048 Pretzel cracker  
D632047 Candy bear ring  
D631636 Animal chew  
D631226 Food product  
D630406 Candy spoon  
D630409 Animal food product  
D630407 Stick for a comestible maker  
D630408 Ice pop holder  
D629586 Shaped tortilla  
D628766 Cookie sandwich  
D627946 Pretzel-shaped sausage  
D627537 Pasta  
D627536 Animal treat  
D627126 Pet treat  
D627127 Chocolate bar  
D627128 Confection  
D627129 Cookie  
D626716 Fruit gum candy  
D626306 Tooth shaped chewing gum  
D626307 Drip cup attachment  
D625896 Food wrap  
D625486 Snack food product  
D625076 Snack  
D624726 Chocolate  
D624277 Taco shell  
D624276 Edible beverage container  
D623826 Shaped tortilla  
D623376 Shaped tortilla  
D622926 Guitar-shaped chicken tender  
D622930 Candy  
D622929 Confection  
D622927 Shaped tortilla  
D622928 Shaped tortilla  
D622028 Pet food supplement  
D622026 Ice cream stick  
D622029 Edible novelty product  
D622027 Ice cream  
D621577 Pet treat  
D621576 Edible candle  
D621578 Pet treat  
D621127 Doughnut product with six appendages  
D621126 Pumpkin-shaped food product  
D620676 Dolphin-shaped food product  
D620677 Single-lobe bag for infusion products  
D620226 Pet treat