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D643996 Confection  
D643587 Food product  
D643586 Dog chew  
D643176 Snack  
D643177 Molded food product for pets  
D643178 Food product  
D642767 Confectionary  
D642766 Chocolate rabbit with collar  
D641950 Confectionary  
D641951 Confectionary  
D641952 Confectionary  
D641947 Confectionary  
D641953 Confectionary  
D641949 Confectionary  
D641946 Confectionary  
D641948 Confectionary  
D641537 Sausage  
D641538 Pretzel stick  
D641536 Frozen confection  
D641126 Dough product having a twisted appearance with break-apart sections  
D640841 Dog toy  
D640036 Spiral potato piece  
D640037 Filled biscuit  
D639526 Cereal piece  
D639016 Single-lobe bag for infusion products  
D638606 Dog chew  
D637787 Chocolate tablet  
D637786 Confection  
7943188 Stuffed dough pocket with grasping extension  
A food product includes a pocket formed from dough, a portion of a food stuffing material captured within the pocket, and a protrusion coupled to the pocket. The protrusion is capable of being...
D636969 Cheese food product  
D636967 Candy bear ring  
D636968 Candy bear ring  
D636971 Corn-based, ready to eat snack piece  
D636966 Candy bear ring  
D636970 Cheese food product  
D635326 Dog chew  
D635328 Confection  
D635327 Confection  
D634506 Molded food product  
D634507 Pet treat  
D634508 Chocolate bar  
D634509 Confection  
D634098 Pre-formed taco shell  
D634097 Lollipop  
D634096 Pet treat  
D634099 Edible shell for holding of comestible products  
D634233 Bear-shaped jewelry element  
D633686 Food item  
D633276 Frozen novelty liquid collector  
D633277 Dog chew