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D519711 Ham  
D518941 Layered cereal bar  
D518622 Baked snack chip having scalloped edges  
D518274 Candy or confection  
D518271 Food product  
D517772 Dinosaur-shaped food product  
D517771 Crown-shaped food product  
D517774 Dog chew  
D517272 Martini glass-shaped snack food  
D517273 Food product  
D517271 Candy phone  
D516275 Square tortilla  
D516276 Animal chew  
D516430 Container for semi-liquid candy  
D515774 Candy  
D515771 Snack food product  
D515271 Wine glass-shaped snack food  
D515273 Wand-shaped food product  
D515276 Chocolate chip  
D515274 Food product  
D515277 Pretzel cracker with one hole  
D515275 Pet treat  
D514276 Sliced cylindrical block of food material having two longitudinal cuts  
D514278 Pet chew  
D514753 Lollipop-shaped pet toy  
D514271 Confectionary stick  
D514264 Helical pet toy  
D513824 Animal foodstuff  
D513821 Sombrero shape tortilla chip  
D513825 Product with suspended pieces  
D513687 Chocolate cup  
D513552 Locomotive shaped pasta  
D513551 Jingle bell shaped pasta  
D513185 Candy container  
D512810 Food stuffs for animals  
D512807 Spider shaped pasta  
D512547 Bread  
D512546 Candy  
D512197 Fruit gum confectionery  
D512199 Confectionery  
D512200 Toaster product  
D511406 Confectionery  
D511407 Octopus-shaped food product  
D511236 Dog chew  
D510786 Candy bar wishing well  
D510787 Pastry with donut-shaped confetti  
D510788 Surface ornamentation on a biscuit  
D510651 Cookie  
D510172 Pretzel cracker with two holes  
D510171 Dog treat