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D668019 Ravioli  
D668016 Lollipop  
D668017 Confection  
D666786 Dog food product  
D666377 Lozenge  
D666376 Lozenge  
D666378 Animal treat  
D665966 Confection  
D666360 Soap bar  
D665557 Chocolate bar  
D665556 Chocolate bar  
D665146 Chocolate bar  
D665147 Edible product for companion animal  
D663099 Snack food  
D663098 Snack food  
D663097 Snack food  
D663096 Chocolate tablet  
D662276 Food product  
D661868 Pet chew article  
D661866 Chocolate  
D661867 Animal treat  
D661458 Dog treat  
D661457 Snack cracker food product  
D661456 Baked foodstuff  
D661047 Food product  
D661046 Food product  
D661048 Food product  
D660546 Cookie  
D659946 Chocolate bar  
D659346 Pastry  
D659347 Pastry  
D658847 Pet chew  
D658848 Pet chew  
D658846 Confection  
D658348 Pet treat  
D658346 Waffle  
D658347 Pet treat  
D657527 Confection  
D657526 Snack  
8153177 Ice cream cone holder  
An improved ice cream cone holder includes a conical portion with an open end and a closed end and at least one de-nesting formation about the open end to inhibit vacuum formation in stacks of the...
D657116 Wishbone cookie  
D656296 Ready to eat snack piece  
D655888 Dog treat  
D655887 Ready to eat snack piece  
D655886 Square bottom taco shell  
D655066 Chocolate tablet  
D655067 Confectionary  
D655068 Confectionary  
D655057 Dog toy  
D655056 Dog toy