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3301068 Device for facilitating the inspection of tablets  
3282115 Method of measuring the percent of fat in animal tissue  
3267738 Environmental exposure device  
3266324 Spring system for measuring instruments  
3256741 Method and apparatus for determining components of dynamic moduli  
3250596 Method for determining the virus adsorptive capacity of aluminum oxide  
3248936 Temperature compensated transducer  
3221561 Instrument deviation indicator  
3221560 Flowability apparatus  
3214762 Pneumatic penetration recorder  
3203253 Apparatus for the testing of bituminous building materials  
3192774 Apparatus for determining the release rate of drugs, with protracted or delayed action, or of other such substances  
3190118 Indicator compensation  
3181370 Moldability recorder  
3178929 Method and apparatus for testing meat  
3158031 Recovery of dry chemical fire extinguishing powders used for test purposes  
3156112 Apparatus for measuring mold wall movement or creep  
3117453 Apparatus and method for making internal surveys of pipelines  
3102413 Goniometer  
3094002 Magnetic linking mechanism for measuring instruments  
3093003 Display device for use in installations for cyclically checking, by means of a limited number of apparatus the values of a magnitude at a multiplicity of points  
3071970 Telemetering control for isolated process  
3071006 Transmission means  
3062057 Indicating instrument antifriction device  
3058342 Load-sensitive system for measuring instruments  
3054295 Method and apparatus for determining rate of pressure change  
3040577 Metering apparatus  
3035446 Instrument panel assemblies  
3034351 Simulator  
3029422 Tornado alarm  
3025464 Capacitance probe for a pipe line  
3010208 Method for determining the authenticity of ancient artifacts made of obsidian  
3009357 Aircraft instrument-remote control-fail safe  
3007340 Measuring system  
2999388 Electrical probe  
2998720 Metal skin simulant  
2989870 Transmitting apparatus  
2987830 Method of simulating coolant flow in a model of a reactor  
2984784 Moisture testing instrument  
2977801 Dial type gauge instruments  
2977802 Differential adjustment for precision instruments  
2971380 Manifold pressure gauge  
2971381 Electrician's tool  
2952204 Method and means for marking articles and for processing marked articles  
2942460 Linear measurement device with thermal compensation  
2942999 Laboratory test for determining brazeability of copper-plated steel strip  
2937234 Television apparatus  
2933352 Anti-friction bearing  
2933281 Apparatus for supplying a desired weight of material to a receiving receptacle  
2930235 Gauging device