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8410952 Methods for forewarning of critical condition changes in monitoring civil structures  
Sensor modules (12) including accelerometers (20) are placed on a physical structure (10) and tri-axial accelerometer data is converted to mechanical power (P) data (41) which then processed to...
8353208 Housing made of fiber-reinforced plastic  
Plastic housings that are subjected to internal pressure and comprise a housing upper part, a housing lower part and a closure which connects both parts to one another. At the connecting point,...
8189042 Vision analysis system for a process vessel  
A remote vision analysis system for a vessel containing a process liquid having gas bubbles or particles floating therein. A probe extends into the vessel and enables in-situ observation of the...
6988401 Seal for a fluid meter and a meter equipped therewith  
A seal is mounted in a groove around an orifice of a measuring chamber inserted in an insertion direction into a tank to form a fluid meter. The seal comprises a radially elastic torus having a...
4307601 Apparatus for calibrating flow meters and the like  
Measuring apparatus for calibrating flow meters and the like comprising a piston slidably mounted within piston cylinder means which receives gas passing through the flow meter being calibrated to...
RE01153 Title is not available  
AI00316 Title is not available  
3230767 Measurement of fluid flow rate  
3075384 Apparatus for measuring quantities of gases  
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