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8656793 State of charge indicator and methods related thereto  
Embodiments of the invention relate a charge indicator for determining the mass of a fluid contained within a fluid enclosure, wherein the charge indicator responds to a deformation of a solid...
8286464 Sensing device and methods related thereto  
Embodiments of the invention relate to a device for a fluid enclosure. The device includes a sensing device that responds to a change in distance relative to a fluid enclosure. The change in...
8092436 Bodily fluid drainage assembly  
A bodily fluid drainage assembly having one or more covers and a fluid bag. The fluid bag has a first and a second volume indicator. The first volume indicator is employed by comparing a top level...
7117732 Fuel gauge for fuel cartridges  
Fuel gauges for fuel supplies for fuel cells are disclosed. Each fuel gauge has a property that is readable by an electrical circuit. These properties are related to the remaining fuel in the fuel...
7107837 Capacitance fluid volume measurement  
A fluid volumetric pumping system has a fluid pump and capacitor plates disposed around a pump chamber of the fluid pump. The capacitance between the capacitor plates changes as the volume of...
6567755 Metering equipment  
Metering equipment for metering fluid flow through an injector valve, comprising metering means and locating means arranged to locate such a valve in fluid communication with the metering means....
5798270 Assembly and method for monitoring hydrocarbon concentration in exhaust gas  
A method of monitoring hydrocarbons concentration in an exhaust gas includes the steps of: sampling exhaust gas on a vehicle, isolating the hydrocarbons from the exhaust gas on a vehicle, and...
5553490 Volumetric metering equipment  
Volumetric metering equipment, especially but not exclusively for use in metering the volume of fluid pumped through one or more injectors by a diesel-engine fuel injection pump, having means...
5497663 Flow rate logging seepage meter  
An apparatus for remotely measuring and logging the flow rate of groundwater seepage into surface water bodies. As groundwater seeps into a cavity created by a bottomless housing, it displaces...
5456107 Modular gas flowmeter  
A high accuracy flowmeter for testing and calibrating flowmeters and the like, and more particularly a positive displacement flowmeter which may include a cylinder (12), a piston (10) within the...
5440925 Flow calibrator  
The invention relates to a high accuracy flowmeter for testing and calibrating flowmeters and the like, and more particularly to a positive displacement flowmeter which may include a cylinder...
5295396 Positive displacement piston flow meter for air flow measurement  
A positive displacement piston flow meter for measuring air flow comprising a hollow flowtube, preferably arranged in a vertical orientation, having a movable piston disposed in the flowtube for...
4823598 Gas metering apparatus for use with small volume, small flow gas source  
A precision gas metering apparatus is disclosed and comprises facing duplicate cylinders each having a piston therein, wherein the two cylinders are aligned with one another so that a common...
4594890 Fluid flow measuring device  
There is disclosed a fluid meter incorporating a bi-stable resilient member positioned in a housing. Fluid flow into and out of the housing causes the bi-stable member to oscillate in a single...
RE32157 Flow meter prover apparatus and method  
A flow meter prover is disclosed which includes an outer fluid housing having an inlet and an outlet, a measuring conduit coaxially mounted within the outer housing and having first and second...
4418701 System for determining the volume value of a confined space  
System for measuring the volume value of a confined space, in particular the functional residual capacity of the lungs of a patient, by means of a measuring space having a variable volume and a...
3877287 Low flow gas or liquid calibrator  
An apparatus for calibrating liquid or gas flowmeters using a piston driven t a constant velocity to produce a constant flow rate through a precision bored tube. The system flow rate is determined...
3360989 Driven anemometer  
3358508 Primary metering device  
3342071 Self-powered meter rate compensator  
3333111 Pulse switching system  
3309925 Pipeline apparatus  
3224274 Gas meter improvement  
3216252 Fluid flow rate meters  
3160008 Flow responsive signal generator  
3156115 Rate of flow indicating device  
3131561 Flow measuring device  
3040578 Fluid flow meters  
3004429 Dynamic flowmeter  
2905536 Method for studying chemical reactions  
2869515 Fluid metering device  
2793621 High capacity gas meter  
2793622 Oscillating valve for diaphragm type motors  
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