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3959724 Electronic wattmeter  
An electronic wattmeter (transducer) to measure the average power to a load or on an electric power line includes a current transformer, a voltage transformer and a power transformer, the primary...
3952188 Monolithic transversal filter with charge transfer delay line  
A transversal filter which utilizes a charge transfer delay line in combination with a plurality of source-follower pairs or their equivalent to tap the delay line and a plurality of transistors...
3935437 Signal processor  
A signal processor enables the examination of the spectral content of an input signal within a selected analysis bandwidth fa about an adjustable reference frequency fr. A multi-segment digital...
3878724 Physically realizable optimum predictor filter technique for transducers, sensors, and other massive devices, based upon inverse transfers function synthesis  
Extending the application of transfer function cancellation or compensation via a separate filter to the sensormedia regime itself; with the objective of cancelling out sensor response time lags....
A signal measuring means to provide a DC voltage that is proportional to the root-mean square (RMS) value of the input signal.
An interval averaging filter and data processing circuit which receives input signals that are normally processed and recorded at a relatively slow rate in order to resolve the information...
3303335 Digital correlation system having an adjustable impulse generator  
3253277 Radar system employing sequential analysis  
3167738 Sequential matched filter  
2871447 Electrical measuring system