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8448461 Fast cool down cryogenic refrigerator  
A refrigeration system for minimizing the cool down time of a mass to cryogenic temperatures including a compressor, an expander, a gas storage tank, interconnecting gas lines, and a control...
8113011 Apparatus for use as a heat pump  
Apparatus (10′) for use as a heat pump comprising: compression chamber means (40′); inlet means (30′) for allowing gas to enter the compression chamber means; compression means (60′) for compres...
7784300 Refrigerator  
This invention provides a refrigerator using a gaseous working fluid such as air and based upon the well-developed structure of reciprocating compressors or rotating engines. The invention combines...
7762099 Refrigeration apparatus  
A first and a second expansion and compression machine (30, 40) having different volume ratios (Vc/Ve) are connected in parallel to a refrigerant circuit (10) of a refrigeration apparatus....
6662575 Conditioning of air supply  
A method and apparatus for conditioning a supply of bleed air from an aircraft engine to a system using such bleed air, including passing the bleed air to a turbine over which the air is expanded...
6397623 Cooling device  
An object of the present invention is to provide a cooling device which solves various problems such as the economical efficiency, pulsation of cold air, etc. In a cooling device of the present...
5535601 Air conditioning system  
An air conditioning system comprises: a motor (5, 69); a speed increasing mechanism (7) connected to the motor to increase revolution speed of the motor; an air compressor (3) driven by the motor...
5295370 Air conditioner  
An air conditioner comprises a compressing and expanding apparatus which includes a compressing system for compressing air taken into compression chambers in one of two cylinder blocks through an...
4520632 Method and apparatus for extracting heat and mechanical energy from a pressured gas  
The disclosure provides a rotating cylinder defining an elongated S-shaped fluid pressure chamber having the two ends thereof remotely located with respect to the axis of rotation. The S-shaped...
4513576 Gas pressure operated power source  
The disclosure provides an oscillatable body mounting a cylinder defining an elongated fluid pressure chamber having at least one end thereof remotely located with respect to the axis of...
4483154 Refrigerated air conditioning system using diaphragm pump  
A refrigeration system includes a first evaporator for evaporating a first refrigerant. The pressure exerted by the evaporated first refrigerant is used to drive a gas-driven diaphragm pump. The...
4433551 Method and apparatus for deriving mechanical energy from a heat source  
The invention provides a method and apparatus for operating any centrifugal piston expander to convert energy derived from a heat source into mechanical energy. Pressured gas received from the heat...
4420945 Method and apparatus for extracting energy from a pressured gas  
The disclosure provides a method and apparatus for extracting heat and/or mechanical energy from a pressured gas wherein the pressured gas is applied to the radially outer ends of rotating cylinder...
4398396 Motor-driven, expander-compressor transducer  
The expander-compressor transducer of this invention is for expanding refrigerant fluid from a high pressure source into a low pressure heat absorber while simultaneously precompressing the same...
4345926 Expansion engine  
An expansion engine fixed to a flange so as to extend into a vacuum tank comprises an outer cylinder inserted in said vacuum tank and having its proximal end opening into the atmosphere, an inner...
4335579 Refrigerating system  
Refrigerating system including a first refrigerator and a second refrigerator. The second refrigerator comprises a compression piston-cylinder assembly and an expansion piston-cylinder assembly...
4242878 Isothermal compressor apparatus and method  
An isothermal compressor apparatus and method, the apparatus including a compression chamber, a piston operable in the compression chamber and an evaporation chamber disposed in heat exchange...
4208885 Expander-compressor transducer  
The expander-compressor transducer of this invention is for expanding refrigerant fluid from a high pressure source into a low pressure heat absorbing heat exchanger while simultaneously...
4139991 Gas conditioner  
The gas conditioner comprises a cooling device including a pulsing tube and switching means for alternatingly connecting said tube to a source of compressed gas and to a consumer. The switching...
3999402 Cam drive pump refrigerators  
A double-acting cam drive piston pump-refrigerator having a double-acting expander piston and a compact heat exchange condenser and evaporator with high density arrangement of heat exchange material.
3937030 Method and device for gas refrigeration  
An open-cycle air-conditioner for compressing and expanding gas with heat rejection for cold production and more particularly to improved means for carrying out thermodynamic cycles in open cycle...
3914958 Cam drive pump refrigerators  
This is a counter-bevelled cam drive piston pump with optional multiple stages of compression and vacuum pumping for use in compression pumping, vacuum pumping and open or closed cycle refrigeration.
3896632 Air cycle heating or cooling  
A method and apparatus for pumping heat utilizes air or other gas as the working fluid wherein a positive displacement compressor and a positive displacement expander are mechanically interlocked,...
By connecting the primary and secondary flow circuits of a fluid transformer in different portions of a vapor compression refrigeration cycle, the refrigerant flowing in the primary may be used to...
A cryogenic gas-expansion engine which includes a cold end having a piston reciprocable within a cylinder and valves controlling the admission and exhausting of gas from the cylinder so as to...
RE04603 Title is not available  
RE21203 Title is not available  
RE08955 Title is not available  
RE12061 Title is not available  
RE04525 Title is not available  
3376712 Refrigerators operating at very low temperatures  
3360955 Helium fluid refrigerator  
3315490 Cryogenic refrigerator  
3274795 Fluid operating apparatus  
3261171 Heat machine and method  
3233426 Expansion engine  
3199304 Methods for producing low temperature refrigeration  
3131547 Expansion engine  
3045436 Pneumatic expansion method and apparatus  
3031771 Compression-expansion air cycle for clothes dryers  
3010641 Plant for producing highly compressed air  
2986907 Refrigeration system  
2975607 Revaporization of liquefied gases  
2966034 Reciprocating flow gas expansion refrigeration apparatus and device embodying same  
2966402 Treatment of natural gas in distribution systems  
2903862 Heat transfer and conversion system  
2881599 Device for thawing an ice separator used in a system comprising a cold gas refrigerator  
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