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3341614 Production of detergent alkylate  
3340307 Process for manufacture of thiophenol from alkali metal cyclohexane sulfonates  
3337535 Derivatives of 4-aza-3, 5-cyclocholestane  
3312751 Production of mercaptans or their olefinic derivatives  
3306941 Cycloalkene process  
3299154 Process for producing monomethylcyclohexene mixtures having high content of 1-methyl isomer  
3296328 Process for preparing olefinic compounds  
3294863 1, 2-bis (epoxyalkyl) cyclobutane-polyepoxide composition  
3283027 Preparation of alpha-olefins by dehydration of 2-alcohols  
3278587 17alpha-fluoro, 17beta-chlorofluoroacetoxy and 17beta-methyl-5, 10-seco-5, 19-cyclo-androstane derivatives  
3275698 Dehydration of alcohols  
3260769 Production of olefines from alkyl borates  
3255271 Process for the production of diolefins having terminal non-conjugated double bonds  
3251896 Process for the production of cyclohexadiene-1, 3  
3249643 Tricyclo [5. 2. 1. 04, 10]-2, 5, 8-decatriene  
3244757 Conversion of alkyl substituted aromatic hydrocarbons to alkenyl substituted cycloalkanes  
3240828 Process for the production of alkyl-substituted bicyclo[2.2.1] hept-2-ene  
3238227 Epoxy derivatives and process of preparing the same  
3218365 Alkylation of fulvene compounds  
3192275 Process for making fulvenes  
3189585 2-vinyl-6, 6-dimethylnorpinane and polymers thereof  
3185743 Production of olefinic compounds from allyl sulfones  
3184516 Thiapyrans and their use in preparing polyenes  
3171864 Process for manufacturing conjugated diolefins  
3167595 Preparation of exo-dicyclopentadiene  
3161691 Preparation of 1-alkylcyclohexenes  
3158564 Process for hydrocarbon conversion  
3154594 Production of organic compounds containing carbon-to-carbon double bonds in terminal positions only  
3134823 Process involving the reaction of group i-b metal compounds with an organoboron compound in the presence of a strong base  
3131169 Polymerization process  
3131234 Preparation of tetraalkylallenes  
3131227 New polyalkylcyclopentadienes  
3121758 Dehydration of alcohols  
3110739 Reaction of a thiophene-1, 1-dioxide with conjugated dienes and resulting 1, 3-cyclohexadiene derivatives  
3085121 Process for the production of 1, 3-cyclohexadiene  
3078256 Production of unsaturated compounds  
3058998 Process of preparing olefins of sulfonate esters of secondary alcohols  
3051765 Chemical process for preparing fulvene compunds  
3016409 Preparation of 1-alkyl-1-cyclohexenes  
3013068 Production of ethylenic compounds from free radicals and cupric salts  
3006844 Catalytic hydrogenation of hydrocarbons in the liquid phase  
2995543 1-methyl-1-cyclobutenes having an exocyclic hydrocarbon radical doubly bonded to carbon in the 3-position, their preparation and polymers thereof  
2991318 New organic compounds  
2990430 Desulfuration process for preparing symmetrical unsaturated hydrocarbons  
2983739 Production of compounds of the betaionylidene-ethylidene series  
2982796 Purification of hydrocarbons  
2979529 Production of dicyclopropyl ketones and 1, 7-dihalo-4-heptanones  
2957933 Production of compounds of the betacyclo-geranylidene series  
2957034 Continuous process for fabricating olefins by dehydration of alcohols in the homogeneous liquid phase  
2950337 Preparation of olefins from olefin episulfides  
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