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3415845 19-nor-a-homo-pregnane derivatives  
3412108 A-homo-delta1(10), 2, 4alpha(5)-estratrien-4-ones and their preparation  
3410872 B-homo-19-nor-pregnene-3, 20-diones and derivatives thereof  
3410873 B-homo-19-nor-pregnene, 3, 20-diones and derivatives thereof  
3410874 A-homo-delta1, 4, 5(10)-estratrien-3-ones and their preparation  
3410907 Cyclopentanophenanthrene derivatives and process  
3394188 B-homo-19-norandrostenes  
3384628 Fluorinated ester compounds and use thereof  
3379762 Desacetylamino colchicine derivatives  
3378582 (alpha-phenoxy)-and (alpha-phenylthio)-omegaphenyl-alkanoic acids  
3344168 N, n-diethyl-2-aminoethyl 2-substituted oxyisobutyrate  
3338969 A-nor-b-homo-estrane and process of preparation  
3334125 Esters of 3-6-dichloro-2-methoxy-benzyl alcohol  
3332842 Ether acids and derivatives thereof  
3329656 Zinc chelates as catalysts in the production of polyesters  
3326933 3-alkyl-5-phenoxy-methylpyrazoles  
3311476 Two-equivalent couplers for color photography  
3305534 Zinc chelates as catalysts in the production of polyesters  
3301852 1-hydroxymethyl-colchicine and derivatives thereof  
3296270 5, 10-methylene-19-nor-pregnanes and their preparation  
3280172 Process for producing aryl acrylates and propionates  
3280170 Bisacrylate esters  
3280173 Production of esters from aldehydes and alcohols in the presence of chlorine  
3266884 Dinitrophenyl compound having herbicidal properties and method of using the same  
3267070 Self-extinguishing polystyrene resins containing tribromoallyl alcohol esters  
3262850 Methods for reducing cholesterol in the blood  
3257422 Ether-esters  
3256317 alpha, omega-bis (4-sulfophenoxy) alkanoic acids and lower alkyl esters  
3256305 Process for the preparation of halo-aliphatic esters of carboxylic acids  
3255227 Pentachlorocyclopentadienyl carbinols, esters thereof and process of manufacture  
3254101 5, 10-methylene-19-nor-androstanes  
3249632 Derivatives of 3-lower alkyl-4-hydroxyphenoxyalkanoic acids  
3247225 Preparation of cyclic sulfides  
3246037 5, 10-seco-5, 19-cyclo-10-fluoro-steroids  
3235582 Cyclohexylmethyl phenoxyacetate  
3203915 Oxygen convertible polymeric compositions  
3184484 5, 10-methylene-19-nor- and 5, 10-seco-5, 19-cyclo-10-fluoro-androstenes and pregnenes and processes for their preparation  
3169144 Anticholesterinemic and antilipaemic agents  
3168530 Process for the production of 4, 5-seco steroids and intermediates  
3153074 Reaction of organic acids with divinylmercury  
3141025 17alpha-ethynyl-10beta-propyl-delta4, 9(11)-estradiene-17beta-ol-3-one and its preparation  
3131195 Beta-dimethylaminoethyl ester of parachlorophenoxy acetic acid and its pharmaceutically acceptable acid addition salts  
3121739 Fungicidal phenoxy compounds  
3116321 Sulfoaromatic-substituted alkanoic acids and derivatives thereof  
3116285 Novel penicillin compounds  
3113963 Esters of oxydicarboxylic acids and cyclic alcohols  
3090791 Synthesis of griseofulvin and analogues, and intermediates therefor  
3077492 (sulfophenoxy)alkoxy-substituted aromatic dicarboxylic acids and derivatives thereof