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2941988 Process for the alkoxylation of polyvinyl alcohol  
2940948 Preparation of polyvinyl alcohol  
2931272 Sheet stock for dichroic dye light-polarizing means  
2930771 Foamable heat insulating resinous composition containing a borohydride blowing agent  
2929710 Polyvinyl acetal with terminal vinylidene groups  
2928800 Zinc plating  
2904539 Cyanoacetamidophthalic acid esters of polymers  
2902365 Photopolymerizable compositions and elements and process of making reliefs therefrom  
2890927 Production of fibers made of or containing polyvinyl alcohol  
2890180 Anion exchangers from polyvinyl alcohol, thiourea and formaldehyde  
2887469 Modified polymeric products and methods of making the same  
2882150 Photographic elements containing polymeric ultraviolet absorbing compounds  
2879268 Methods of improving the dissolution of high-molecular substances  
2869722 Paper products having a release coating and method of preparation thereof  
2862908 Polyvinyl acetals  
2860986 Partially acetalized polyvinyl alcohol containing active halogen  
2861057 3-and 4-(alpha-cyanocinnamido) phthalates of hydroxyl-containing polymers  
2854441 Water-soluble metal compounds and process for making same  
2852493 Ureido-modified polymers and their preparation  
2846407 Method of making a detergent and solvent resistant sponge material  
2844570 Production of highly hydroxyalkylated polyvinyl alcohols  
2844571 Production of highly hydroxyalkylated polyvinyl alcohols  
2826526 Adhesives  
2818403 Polyvinyl acetals of aldehydes containing a betaine group  
2796413 Modification of partially hydrolyzed polyvinyl ester with a dicarboxylic acid anhydride  
2787546 Light-sensitive photographic elements for photomechanical processes  
2785146 Improving the stability of polyvinyl alcohol