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3153009 Condensation process for polyvinyl acetals  
3152102 Water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol-urea reaction products  
3148166 Vinyl alcohol polymer films  
3148142 Clarification of aqueous suspension with reaction product of polyvinyl alcohol, thiourea and acid  
3142532 Method of making polyvinyl alcohol fibers  
3141003 Aqueous solution of stereoregular polyvinyl alcohol; method of making same; foams, fibers, and films obtained therefrom  
3134758 Vinyl esters and derivatives thereof and process of preparing same  
3121607 Production of polyvinyl alcohol bodies having improved dyeability  
3114650 Tire coated with removable coating comprising modified polyvinyl alcohol and method of coating  
3106543 Reaction product of an alkylene oxidepolyvinyl alcohol mixture with untreated polyvinyl alcohol  
3105058 Shaped articles of polyvinyl alcohol polymer blends  
3102775 Process of wet spinning stereoregular polyvinyl alcohol  
3101991 Production of polyvinyl formal shaped articles  
3099646 Process for ethoxylating polyvinyl alcohol  
3080350 Preparation of polyvinyl alcohol  
3071429 Production of polyvinyl alcohol fibers characterized by improved dyeability and elasticity  
3071598 Nitro acetal propellants  
3071617 Nitro plastic propellants  
3068061 Phosphorylated polyvinyl alcohol products and method of producing said products  
3067152 Aqueous solution of polyvinyl alcohol containing insoluble starch derivative and proces of preparing fibers therefrom  
3066107 Spinning solution comprising viscose and modified polyvinyl alcohol and process for preparing fibers therefrom  
3063951 Polymeric amidoximes and their derivatives and a method of preparing same  
3063787 Process of wet spinning stereoregular polyvinyl alcohol  
3058393 Light-polarizing film material and the process of preparation  
3058862 Adhesive agents for polyvinyl alcohol products  
3052652 Alkoxylated polyvinyl alcohol  
3052662 Polyvinyl alcohol product and process for making the same  
3051691 Cationic, nitrogenated, hydrophilic colloids  
3049522 Formation of bead polymers in presence of catalyst containing dicyclopentadienyliron  
3048570 Polymeric secondary alcohols having recurring alpha-hydroxy amide groups  
3034999 Composition comprising reaction product of polyvinyl alcohol and periodate oxidized polysaccharide and process for preparing same  
3033841 Vinyl acetate-polyoxyalkylene compound copolymers and method of preparation  
3033843 Preparation of polyvinyl alcohol  
3033842 Process of producing water-insoluble polymers of polyvinyl alcohol  
3023199 Polyvinyl-alcohol resin resistant to water and method of making it  
3023182 Polyvinyl alcohol fibers of improved dyeability  
3011861 Wet spinning polyvinyl alcohol process  
3004010 High-polymer metal compounds and process for making same  
3000842 Polyvinyl butyral-amylpolysiloxane resin blends for treating asbestos-cement shingles and method for using same  
2992204 Polyvinyl alcohol filaments of improved dye affinity  
2988802 Apparatus for spinning polyvinyl alcohol fibers and product  
2985544 Method of rendering cellulosic material non-adherent and article produced thereby  
2983759 Polyvinyl alcohol product and process  
2977183 Process of improving the dyeing properties of polyvinyl alcohol fibers  
2972606 Catalytic aminoethylation of cellulose, cellulose derivatives or polyvinyl alcohol  
2971952 Polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated compounds with organic hyponitrite catalysts  
2960384 Method of improving the mechanical and dyeing properties of shaped polyvinyl alcohol structures  
2948610 Light-sensitive compositions and their use in photomechanical processes  
2948706 Light-sensttive high molecular compounds  
2941973 Modified hydrolyzed ethylene vinyl ester interpolymers