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3326974 Polyamides and process therefor  
3321422 Process for converting water soluble starch products to water resistant materials  
3320200 Polyvinyl alcohol adhesives containing boric acid and hexamethylenetetramine or triethylenediamine as additive to impart quick tack  
3318856 Process of gelling polyvinyl alcohol  
3316230 Method for increasing the particle size of finely divided dusty polyvinyl alcohol  
3316190 Non-sticky water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol film  
3312851 Electroluminescent lamp structure having the phosphor particles dispersed in a modified cyanoethylated polyvinyl alcohol resin  
3308008 Metallic laminate bonded by an adhesive composition containing a polyvinyl butyral, a phenolic novolak and a polymeric nitrogen silane compound  
3304297 Dyestuffs consisting of organic dyestuffs bound to polyhydroxylated organic polymers  
3301799 Rubber latex, graphite and cement  
3300460 Process for mixing polyvinyl acetate with saponification catalyst  
3298988 Process for preparing aqueous polyvinyl alcohol solution containing pentavalent vanadium compound  
3275575 Cation exchange membrane from a sulfated polyvinyl alcohol  
3275576 Cation-exchangers from cross-linked polyhydroxy materials  
3274164 Polymerizable substituted-4-pentenamide monomers, polymers thereof, and methods for making and using these compositions  
3269995 Isotactic polymers and method of producing same  
3268468 Epoxide compositions comprising an epoxide resin, a curing agent for said resin and a neutral ester of trivalent phosphorus acid having at least one carbon to phosphorus ond  
3265536 Alkali saturated cross-linked polyvinyl alcohol membranes and fuel cell with same  
3265657 Process for gelling aqueous polyvinyl alcohol solutions with chromium compounds  
3264245 Preparation of an aqueous polyvinyl alcohol composition  
3262905 Heat stabilization of polyvinyl alcohol with alkali metal phosphates  
3257664 Light-sensitive polymers  
3255018 Abhesive chewing gum, compositions and methods for preparing same  
3253506 Stable, stretch-oriented, light polarizing polymeric film  
3254064 Matting material and process  
3252825 Process of coating glass fibers with hydrolyzed condensation product of amino silane and copolymerizable monomer  
3251795 Stable emulsions of vinyl polymers and process of producing same  
3250748 Production of water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol-urea derivatives  
3250756 Process for preparation of phosphate esters of polymeric materials containing hydroxyl groups  
3234160 Process for making polyvinyl alcohol fibers having improved properties  
3234195 Fractionation of polyvinyl alcohol  
3232916 Cross-linked membranes of polyvinyl alcohol  
3226380 Polyhydroxy materials containing ionexchange groups and non-ionic substituents and their method of preparation  
3216961 Process of making polyvinyl benzal emulsions  
3214235 Crosslinked derivatives of polyhydroxy compounds and an ester of propiolic acid  
3211712 Production of polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol  
3211685 Production of polyvinyl alcohol having improved dyeability and composition therefor including polyvinyl alcohol basic nitrogen-containing derivatives  
3210208 Process of coating organopolysiloxane particles  
3210147 Insolubilized and flame retardant phosphorylated polyvinyl alcohol fibers  
3208977 Polyvinyl acetals  
3208994 Process for preparing hydrophilic copolymerization and product obtained thereby  
3206446 Process for making organic boron compounds  
3200094 Remoistenable adhesive compositions and method for making the same  
3198651 Treatment of water-resistant acetalized polyvinyl alcohol fibers with alkali metal boro hydride for improved thermal stability  
3194798 Cyanoethylation of polyvinyl alcohol  
3193534 Production of nitrogenous polyvinyl alcohol derivatives  
3186970 Preparation of polyhydroxyaryl partial acetals of polyvinyl alcohol  
3186803 Apparatus for mixing a relatively viscous liquid with a relatively non-viscous liquid  
3183152 Treated polyvinyl alcohol for contact lens solution  
3167604 Process for the production of fibrous products consisting of polyvinyl alcohol or its derivatives