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3357145 Curtain wall construction allowing vertical and horizontal expansion  
3357144 External sheathing or curtain wall  
3345794 Construction and erection of framing members  
3340654 Batten strip assembly and method for installation  
3340659 Blast shield for building structures  
3336707 Structural gasket curtain wall  
3321880 Curtain wall construction  
3319388 Wall constructions  
3316681 Curtain wall and method of erecting same  
3315426 Prefabricated wall structure  
3315428 Means for applying coverings to the walls and ceiling of a room  
3312024 Modular building structure and prefabricated components therefor  
3295282 Grid structure and parts therefor or the like  
3266210 Mullion and rail composite curtain wall construction  
3266207 Exterior panel wall assembly  
3256651 Cantilevered modular building structures  
3251168 Exterior wall covering and support therefor  
3248836 External wall panel and wall formed therefrom  
3235039 Curtain wall support system  
3223209 Sealed frame cross joint  
3221453 Wall system  
3218768 Curtain wall frame construction  
3206901 Wall structures  
3203151 Metal building construction  
3182766 Trim cap structure for a curtain wall mullion  
3176806 Curtain wall  
3140763 Curtain wall  
3140565 Wall construction  
3121976 Building construction  
3121482 Window frame insulating means  
3110131 Building construction  
3093217 Insulating unit for curtain wall  
3084483 Method of sealing panelized curtain wall assembly  
3082848 Multiple-panel load-bearing building walls and load-bearing panel units therefor  
3071215 Curtain wall  
3065831 Panel for curtain walls  
3062339 Curtain wall  
3057444 Tubular mullion snapon assembly  
3053353 Frame for curtain wall construction  
3052330 Curtain wall assembly  
3038568 Curtainwall  
3011599 Building  
3009549 Extruded structural member  
2985262 Wall panel  
2976970 Frame support for a panel  
2971616 Building panel  
2963126 Wall structure  
2960195 Wall facing  
2949981 Wall structure  
2944641 Wall construction