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3337559 Diethers of yohimbine alcohol  
3330858 Mandelic acid esters  
3318883 Novel dihydrothieno[3, 2-d]pyrimidines  
3311635 Ethers of 3-alkylamino-4-methyl-7-hydroxy-coumarin  
3311624 4-amino-piperidines  
3299067 2-[1'-(benzyl and phenyl)-4'-piperazinyl]-pyrimidine derivatives  
3282938 3-tertiary aminoloweralkyl-4-lower alkyl or phenyl-7-lower carbalkoxy lower alkyl or carboxy lower alkyl coumarins  
3280122 Diphenylalkyloxadiazoles  
3278601 Aralkylamines and methods of preparation thereof  
3272823 Alpha-hydroxy derivatives of dihydro-d-lysergic and 1-methyl-dihydro-d-lysergic ethylamides  
3272834 Dhsopropyl ammonium nicotinate  
3262937 Benzyl piperidyl ketones  
3262936 Ring substituted-1-cyanolower-alkylpiperidines  
3261859 Basically substituted phenyl acetonitrile compounds  
3258466 1-hydroxyethyl-4, 5-diphenylimidazole  
3238242 Process for the preparation of phenyl (meta-and para-tolyl)-propionitriles  
3218324 1-methyl ergotamines and ergocornines  
3211731 Pyrazolo-pyrimidines and process for preparing same  
3194837 N-arylalkyl-phenylalkyl amines  
3178477 alpha-aralkyl-substituted-benzylamines  
3177253 Diphenylalkane derivatives  
3168438 Vasodilation by nitric acid ester derivatives of nicotinic acid  
3166573 2-(nitratoalkyl)-1, 4-benzodioxanes  
3096242 Vasodilator drug mixtures and excipient therefor  
3055900 Pyrimido pyrimidines and process of making same  
2820040 Substituted mono-ammonium salts