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3290151 Coated aluminum lithoplate and method  
3280734 Photographic plate  
3275441 Printing plate and method of making same  
3258339 Lithographic plate and method of preparing same  
3231381 Photosensitive compositions containing polyethylene oxide, a phenolic resin, a photosensitive compound and an oxidizing agent  
3201239 Etchable reproduction coatings on metal supports  
3163534 Lithographic plate including a hydrophilic barrier layer comprising a silane, an acrylic compound, and an organic metal ester  
3161521 Method of making lithographic printing plates  
3161518 Diazo sensitized lithographic plate comprising a hydrophilic amine formaldehyde intermediate layer  
3161517 Presensitized lithoplate with coated metal base and method of preparing same  
3160506 Planographic printing plate and method for preparing same  
3148984 Presensitized diazo lithographic printing plates comprising a hydrophilic phosphate glass and fluoride layer  
3085008 Positively-acting diazo planographic printing plate  
3064562 Acrylic acid monomer coatings for metal bases  
2946683 Presensitized printing plate and method for preparing same  
2937085 Composite photosensitive plate, and method of making printing plate therefrom  
2875046 Positive working photolithographic plate and method for manufacturing same  
2865750 Photomechanical reproduction  
2858214 Light sensitive plate coating  
2791504 Photopolymerizable elements  
Matches 201 - 220 out of 220 < 1 2 3 4 5