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3261694 Method for dehydration of moisture containing materials of cellular structure  
3244538 Method of reducing the fat content of fried foods  
3240606 Method of producing a germinated wheat food  
3232767 Process for roasting meat  
3230094 Potato chip products and process for making same  
3213778 Cooking apparatus for deep fat frying  
3210193 Method of deep-fat cooking comestibles  
3205074 Method of treating food product prepared in fluidized bed  
3194670 Method of dehydrating food  
3194662 Method of deep fat frying and cooking  
3188214 Sausage manufacture  
3150985 Dehydrated fried meat cakes  
3109739 Potato products and process for making same  
3085020 Method of making a french fried potato product  
3078172 Prepared frozen food for cooking and method of preparing the same  
3052556 Process of canning dried soybeans and the resulting product  
3050404 Method for preparing frozen french fried potatoes  
3044880 Method of making a cooked potato product  
3039877 Stabilized carotene compositions  
3037866 Method for forming flavoring essences from plant products  
3026885 Apparatus for producing potato chips and the like  
3027258 Method of producing a chip-type food product  
3012896 Precooked frozen food composition and method of preparing same  
2997566 Microwave apparatus  
2988483 Alchol soluble glycerides  
2976153 Process for preparing potato chips  
2973268 Method of making potato chips  
2947635 Method of preparing puffed skin products  
2929150 Dehydration  
2907659 French frying potatoes and improved apparatus therefor  
2907660 Pork rind cooking process  
2855309 Method of puffing bacon rinds  
2855308 Deep fat frying potatoes  
2836496 Method of cooking potato chips  
2827379 Process of cooking food  
2825649 Method of manufacturing potato chips  
2812254 Method of and apparatus for continuously cooking potato chips and similar comestibles  
2811974 Dipping machine  
2785981 Method of manufacturing a crispy carrot product  
2783154 Process for preparing food products