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3241918 Method for preparing boron nitride  
3233988 Cubic boron nitride compact and method for its production  
3232706 Method of making submicron size nitrides and carbides  
3212852 Method for converting hexagonal boron nitride to a new structure  
3212851 Boron nitride having a new structure  
3208824 Process for the continuous production of boron nitride  
3189412 Method of manufacturing boron nitride  
3169828 Process of producing boron nitride  
3152006 Boron nitride coating and a process of producing the same  
3150929 Process for making cubic crystal boron nitride  
3145125 Method of synthesizing iii-v compound semiconductor epitaxial layers having a specified conductivity type without impurity additions  
3144305 Lubricious crystalline bron nitride and process for producing same  
3142595 Bulk junctions employing p-type diamond crystals and method of preparation thereof  
3141802 Semiconducting cubic boron nitride and methods for preparing the same  
3120998 Furification of boron nitride by treatment with carbonaceous agents  
3078232 Process for making conducting cubic boron nitride and product therefrom  
3058809 Methods for making boron nitride materials  
2974013 Boron nitride production  
2960466 Halogenated hydrocarbon lubricants containing heat treated boron nitride  
2959469 Process for production of boron nitride  
2947617 Abrasive material and preparation thereof  
2922699 Production of boron nitride  
2888325 Method of making boron nitride material and bodies  
2865715 Manufacture of boron compounds  
2839366 Process for the manufacture of boron nitride  
2834650 Production of boron nitride  
2824787 Manufacture of boron nitride  
2812240 Process of making boron nitride  
2808314 Method of making molded boron nitride bodies  
2801903 Process for the manufacture of boron nitride  
2798989 Semiconductor devices and methods of their manufacture  
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