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3047601 Separation of thorium from rare earth values in aqueous acidic solution by solvent extraction with an alkyl phosphate-oxygen containing organic diluent  
3034854 Separation of californium from curium by solvent extraction  
3030175 Preparation of high purity uf4  
3004823 Method of separating neptunium by liquid-liquid extraction  
2993752 Thorium recovery process  
2990254 Liquid-liquid contact extractor  
2990240 Process for segregating uranium from plutonium and fission-product contamination  
2988429 Spiral contactor for solvent extraction column  
2982601 Separation of uranyl and ruthenium values by the tributyl phosphate extraction process  
2982600 Uranium decontamination with respect to zirconium  
2979379 Extraction of uranium  
2958573 Purification of uranium concentrates by liquid extraction  
2951740 Processing of neutron-irradiated uranium  
2947774 Preparation of alkyl pyrophosphate extractants  
2945742 Liquid-liquid extraction process for the recovery of high purity thorium oxide  
2943923 Processing of nitrate solutions containing thorium and uranium 233  
2934403 Recovery of americium  
2924506 Solvent extraction process for plutonium  
2910345 Separation of polonium, protactinium or mixtures thereof in aqueous solution from bismuth, lead, zirconium and/or columbium values  
2909405 Method for the recovery and purification of berkelium  
2909406 Process for decontaminating thorium and uranium with respect to ruthenium  
2905526 Method of processing ore material  
2902454 Solvent composition for recovery of metal values from aqueous solutions by solvent extraction  
2897046 Separation of thorium from uranium by extraction  
2894806 Recovery of protactinium from aqueous solutions  
2894809 Method of recovering mineral values  
2890098 Reduction of plutonium values in an acidic aqueous solution with formaldehyde  
2885260 Method for decontamination of reactor solutions  
2885259 Process for recovery of constituents of ores  
2883264 Solvent extraction of thorium values from aqueous solutions  
2882123 Process for the recovery of uranium from phosphatic ore  
2877093 Adsorption method for separating metal cations  
2875023 Process of recovering uranium from its ores  
2873166 Process for the recovery of metal values  
2869980 Process for the recovery of metals from high-lime carnotite ores  
2869979 Slurry solvent extraction process for the recovery of metals from solid materials  
2866680 Alkyl pyrophosphate metal solvent extractants and process  
2864668 Uranium extraction process  
2860031 Process for utilizing organic orthophosphate extractants  
2859094 Uranium extraction process using synergistic reagents  
2859092 Solvent extraction process for the recovery of metals from phosphoric acid  
2849286 Method of processing monazite sand  
2849277 Process of securing plutonium in nitric acid solutions in its trivalent oxidation state  
2849281 Organic extractant and method of solvent extracting mineral values  
2849280 Nitric acid treatment of leached zone material  
2848300 Process of separating uranium from aqueous solution by solvent extraction  
2847275 Uranium recovery process  
2847276 Solvent extraction of neptunium  
2841467 Method for recovery of mineral values from leached zone material  
2835552 Solvent extraction process for the recovery of uranium values from aqueous solutions  
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