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3371407 Method of producing a composite metallic material billet  
3367423 Propeller  
3348822 Humidifying device  
3343512 Hydrofoil with unsymmetrical nose profile  
3330550 Clamping mandrel for bonding and like operations  
3314137 Making product articles by combined cavitation and machining of bar stock  
3309294 Electrolytic shaping of metallic aerofoil blades  
3288228 Variable pitch and reversible propeller  
3283377 Turbine wheel manufacturing method  
3279684 Reversible fan apparatus  
3270953 Axial flow compressor, blower or ventilator with reduced noise production  
3266578 Propellers for boats and ships  
3255701 Vortex pump  
3239920 Method of making a bladed cylindrical rotor  
3232349 Rotor system utilizing centrifugal deflection of non-radial blades  
3226031 Induction propeller  
3201083 Slurry flowmeter  
3200477 Helicopter tail rotor structure and method of construction  
3196799 Liquids-solids pump  
3173490 Propeller blade for vtol aircraft  
3169694 Propeller fans and the like  
3169105 Corrosion-erosion-cavitation protection for marine propellers  
3162135 Centrifugal pumps  
3136369 Blade tip sealing means  
3130480 Method of making centrifugal blower wheel  
3119453 Helicopter rotor blade  
3094333 Machine for the uniform distribution of manure an the like substances over ground  
3078925 Screw propellers  
3065723 Supercavitating hydrofoils  
3059447 Air conditioning structure  
3047211 Ventilating apparatus  
3045986 Aeration rotor  
3044556 Screw propellers  
3023709 Vanes of an impeller for axial flow propeller pumps  
3007654 Rotor and blade for rotorcraft  
3002265 Fabrication of blades for compressors and the like  
2989004 Hydraulic couplings  
2982524 Ultrasonic cleaning equipment  
2979305 Turbine with funnel drive vanes  
2974728 Fan construction  
2965065 Hydraulic jet propulsion units for boats  
2957621 Impeller blade  
2954083 Propeller  
2951525 Process for straightening metal spars for helicopter rotors  
2947066 Method of blade construction  
2943839 Elastic fluid mechanism  
2931320 Dough mixer  
2926886 Water turbine bucket construction  
2920007 Elastic fluid blade with a finegrained surface  
2916258 Vibration damping