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4139728 Signal processing circuit  
A signal processing circuit has a circuit organization having a pair of crosstalk circuits respectively including at least delay circuits each of a delay time τ and adapted to add or cancel...
4135203 Method and apparatus for generating complex visual patterns  
A method and apparatus for generating a complex visual pattern in conjunction with a two dimensional display having X and Y deflection means. The method comprises deriving two signals for...
4121059 Sound field expanding device  
In a sound field expanding device, left and right channel sound signals of a two channel stereo are respectively divided into several frequency bands, adjusted on levels and phases, mixed again,...
4118599 Stereophonic sound reproduction system  
A stereophonic sound reproduction system comprises a first signal converter receptive of an audio signal for converting it into a binaural signal containing information as to the localization of...
4100372 Audio console system for home and vehicle  
An audio console system for use in a vehicle and a home and which comprises an audio console unit removably securable at the roof of a vehicle in replacement of the dome light and which is also...
4096360 Multichannel record disc reproducing system  
A multichannel record disc reproducing system comprises at least two phase-locked loops. Each loop includes a phase comparator and a voltage-controlled oscillator for respectively demodulating an...
4076959 Volume, tone and balance control for multi-channel audio systems  
Control circuitry for a multi-channel audio system is disclosed which includes left and right signal processing channels and a DC control section. Each processing channel includes balance and...
4069394 Stereophonic sound reproduction system  
In a stereophonic sound reproduction system in which stereophonic left and right signals are treated to have a level difference therebetween for establishing a localized sound image spaced from...
4048442 Stereophonic sound adaptor for simulating sound movement  
A stereophonic sound adaptor for producing the illusion of moving sound is disclosed. The device includes a plurality of output speakers in conjunction with a stereo amp output and an...
4028491 Transducer switching system  
A transducer switching system for, in effect, removing electrical energy from a transducer without breaking the electrical circuit. A resistor is in series with the transducer. An...
3983334 Matrix and equalizer circuit with gain control  
A combined matrix and equalizer circuit comprises a matrix circuit for operating with gains on a plurality of input signals. A feedback loop feeds back from a point between output terminals of the...
3944748 Means and method of reducing interference in multi-channel reproduction of sounds  
Means and method of reducing the distortion or channel separation due to interference voltages between the reproduction channels in multi-channel reproduction of acoustic sounds in systems having...
3941931 Audio signal mixing system  
An audio signal mixing system having left and right channels to transmit stereophonic left and right signals and each containing monaural signals and having left and right loudspeakers to...
3940789 Multicolor display for the visual-aesthetic portrayal of electric signals  
A multicolor visual display apparatus for stereophonic sound signals is disclosed. The display apparatus includes a conventional three gun color cathode ray tube, having a screen with a plurality...
3924072 Headphone with cross feeding ambience control  
A stereophonic headphone includes ambience control potentiometers connected in series with each audio transducer. A portion of the audio signal applied directly to each audio transducer is coupled...
3922641 Automatic video and audio source selector for entertainment center  
An automatic electronic control system for a home entertainment center, the system utilizing audio or video signal sensors for the preferential selection of a video tape reader as a signal source...
3894196 Binaural hearing aid system  
An improved binaural hearing aid system comprises two complete electronic hearing aids, one for each ear of the user, with the hearing aid for the dominant ear having an emphasized high frequency...
An underwater diver communication system is disclosed as including a voice ctuated transmitter for broadcasting speech signals throughout an ambient subaqueous environmental medium combined with a...
A control actuator in a first mode of displacement is shifted longitudinally along a predetermined axis to effect a first form of control to blend the sound for a stereo high fidelity sound...
An electronic piano is provided with keyboard operated or controlled tone generators providing electric oscillations corresponding to piano tones. These oscillations are amplified by an amplifier,...
Stereo earphones having transducers positioned forwardly of the user's ears and directed rearwardly toward the ears to provide more realistic stereophonic sound effects.
3388217 Stereophonic sound reproducing arrangement  
3281533 Stereophonic sound system  
3251942 Circuits for the simultaneous amplification of an original signal and a signal derived therefrom  
3249696 Simplified extended stereo  
3247321 Stereo signal demonstrator  
3236949 Apparent sound source translator  
3229038 Sound signal transforming system  
3200199 Stereophonic reverberation circuit  
3197561 Stereophonic signal transmission system level control  
3170991 System for stereo separation ratio control, elimination of cross-talk and the like  
3162727 Stereophonic reverberation system  
3148287 Signal phase sensing and maintaining system  
3087016 Stethoscopic device  
3082295 Panoramic mixer  
3073901 Stereophonic blend circuit  
3070669 Stereophonic sound recording and reproduction  
3067297 Apparatus for determining the polarities of stereophonic channel connections at anyselected point  
3066187 Amplitude control circuit for stereophonic reproducers  
3005873 Stereophonic background music and public address system  
2980766 Balance indicator for stereophonic sound systems  
2904632 Stereophonic sound propagation system  
2846514 Multiple sound source switching system  
2836662 Electrical sound transmission systems  
2821878 Stereophonic organ  
2786894 Stereophonic sound and rerecording system  
2784253 Electro-acoustic transmission system for stereophonic sound phenomena  
2783312 Binaural hearing apparatus and method