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8311209 Peer to peer wireless communication conflict resolution  
In accordance with a method for wireless communication, in a coexistence system comprising a plurality of different wireless interface devices within a single integrated circuit, wherein each of...
5960074 Mobile tele-computer network for motion picture, television and tv advertising production  
A telecomputer network is described. The network comprises a redundant digital microwave communication system, at least one mobile vehicle, and a wireless local area network (LAN). In one...
5276445 Polling control system for switching units in a plural stage switching matrix  
A matrix switching apparatus includes a plurality of switching units connected in tandem, each switching unit having a plurality of input terminals and a plurality of output terminals. There are a...
4302632 Digitally-controlled telephone answering switching system  
A digitally controlled telephone answering switching system is disclosed which can economically and efficiently serve a large number of subscribers over a vast geographic area. The system utilizes...
RE10508 Title is not available  
RE13890 Title is not available  
2839612 Toll switching system  
2817714 Indicating systems  
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