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8128282 Microsystem component with a device deformable under the effect of temperature changes  
A microsystem component with a device (3) deformable under the influence of temperature changes is disclosed. The device comprises at least one first (4, 5) and second (8) element with differing...
7942825 Method and device for monitoring thermal stress  
A method and device for monitoring thermal stress in a user is described. The device is designed to include a material having specific thermodynamic properties and physical dimensions defined as a...
7549797 Temperature measurement system  
The invention provides a temperature measurement system including a temperature sensor and means for biasing the temperature sensor in the direction of a thermal energy source in response to...
5215378 Dual temperature indicator  
A dual temperature indicator providing visual indications when exposed to predetermined high or low temperatures. The indicator has a bulb with a capillary tube and an attached high temperature...
4787397 Hot and cold sensor discrimination unit  
A hot and cold sensor discrimination unit having an insulated liquid-filled container with a temperature indicator and a metal probe with a temperature indicator for use in perception of...
4738706 Method and device for the thermal regulation of a moving fluid mass  
The device comprises a three-dimensional grid of thermocouples which are immersed in a fluid, which is moving in a covered channel and has a temperature above that of its environment. Apertures in...
4415279 Method and a meter for measuring quantities of heat  
A method and a meter for measuring the quantity of heat abstracted from a circulating flow of liquid by a consumption unit. Indirect measurement of the volume flow rate of the liquid is made,...
4359637 Feeler for a monitoring apparatus  
With the heretofore known monitoring systems the parameters or magnitudes to be monitored are converted into electrical signals and transmitted, by means of electrical lines or conductors, to a...
3942380 Differential displacement thermosensing device  
A rod and tube thermosensing device adapted for high temperature use has a first rod member comprising a rod of refractory metal having a metal cladding thereon which protects the refractory metal...
3365946 Cryogenic temperature transducer  
3357251 Adjustable dial thermometer  
3064476 Solid differential expansion temperature sensor  
2979952 Pneumatic temperature indicator  
2953921 Temperature-indicating device and closure cap  
2841985 Compensating or differential pressure or temperature responsive mechanism  
2839925 Temperature measuring system  
2804772 Clinical thermometer  
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