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8042347 Compressor inlet pressure estimation apparatus for refrigeration cycle system  
A compressor inlet pressure estimation apparatus for a refrigeration cycle system is disclosed. An electronic control unit 14 uses Tefin_lag(N) as an actual corrected temperature Tefin_AD(N)...
7927010 Disposable, pre-calibrated, pre-validated sensors for use in bio-processing applications  
Disposable, pre-sterilized, and pre-calibrated, pre-validated conductivity sensors are provided. These sensors are designed to store sensor-specific information, such as calibration and production...
6594603 Resistive element diagnostics for process devices  
Diagnostic circuitry of a process device is used to detect degradation of a resistive element of the process device while the process device remains online and without an additional power source....
4880596 Thermionic switched self-actuating reactor shutdown system  
A self-actuating reactor shutdown system incorporating a thermionic switched electromagnetic latch arrangement which is responsive to reactor neutron flux changes and to reactor coolant...
4770845 Self-actuating reactor shutdown system  
A control system for the automatic or self-actuated shutdown or "scram" of a nuclear reactor. The system is capable of initiating scram insertion by a signal from the plant protection system or by...
4687903 Thermostatically controlled electrically heated soldering bit  
A soldering iron bit is heated by an electrical heating element including a resistive element consisting of granular boron carbide packed in a quartz tube embedded in a piece of copper. A first...
4613238 Method and apparatus for measuring temperature of ultra small areas  
The present invention provides a method and apparatus for measuring the temperature in an ultra small area by determining the electrical resistance, or changes in electrical resistance in an...
4019967 Method of using vitreous solid elecrolyte  
The disclosure is directed to substances composed of arsenic, sulphur and silver or of germanium, sulphur and silver in a certain range of proportions which may produce electrolytes having...
3952595 Temperature correcting circuit  
Physical quantities, such as temperature, mechanical stress, gas concentration and acidity, can be measured by means of elements which generate an EMF as a function of the relevant quantity. In...
A pressure transducer for ionizable fluids having no vibrating or moving parts and capable of reliable operation at high ambient temperatures is disclosed. The driving fluid to be detected is...
3257848 Temperature transducers for very high temperature measuring systems  
3212336 Temperature measuring device  
3196295 Thermionic temperature sensor  
3080754 Direct method of measuring neutral gas temperatures  
3064222 Electrical resistor  
3004530 Instrument  
2996917 Electrolytic apparatus for temperature and radiation measurements  
2966799 Sensitive pressure gauge  
2894142 Apparatus for ascertaining the anode temperature of an x-ray tube  
2847643 Detecting device  
2830286 Temperature measuring and metal fatigue indicating means  
2779917 Apparatus for determining the condition of ionized fluids  
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