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3151327 Plural electrically short concatenated coaxial stub antennas useful with aircraft  
3150320 Space satellite communications system employing a modulator-reflector relay means  
3139619 Missile mounted loop antenna with vibration resistant series capacitors  
3135511 Towed target  
3133250 Method and apparatus for communicating through a region of ionized gas  
3132342 Antenna system using parasitic elements and two driven elements at 90 deg. angle fed180 deg. out of phase  
3128466 Radome boresight error compensator  
3115630 Reflector space satellite  
3114517 Microwave operated space vehicles  
3112447 Antenna float with actuating system  
3109608 Vision skirt  
3105236 Duplex transmit-receive antenna system employing a dipole and a loop  
3104080 Energy absorption mechanism  
3102982 Air rescue transmission apparatus  
3100892 Antenna for active satellite repeaters  
3098229 Transmission line erected by pressurized plastic  
3096515 Antenna systems  
3082421 Compensated antenna  
3081051 Radome structure  
3077599 Collapsible loop antenna for space vehicle  
3063048 Discovery and location system  
3057579 Stabilization of earth satellite repeaters  
3045236 Rotatable radomes for aircraft  
3034745 Spin-axis stabilized space vehicle structure  
3031663 Magnetic antenna systems  
3030049 Satellite spin control  
3026516 Rotatable radome for aircraft  
3025523 V. h. f. aircraft antenna  
3022418 Electronic control circuit  
3019432 Aircraft with support for a plurality of luneberg reflective lenses  
3016534 Dual function antenna  
3009152 Lead computing and scanning antenna  
3004153 Circuit for use with a plurality of antennas  
3004154 Phase wobbler  
2998943 Antenna cap  
2995752 Direction-finding antenna  
2995740 Radar system  
2990546 Quadraloop antenna  
2984834 Retractable and rotatable scanning device  
2981832 Switching system  
2981945 Antenna adapted for missile stabilization  
2980910 Aircraft aerial for decametric-waves  
2980909 Reduced-height radome-antenna  
2947987 Antenna decoupling arrangement  
2941203 Antenna horn  
2931897 Radiosonde  
2923002 Attitude indicator  
2921307 Lead through antenna mast body construction  
2908002 Electromagnetic reflector  
2860338 Microwave antenna structure