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8327556 Hydraulic micrometer system for remote measurement of inside diameter of pipes  
A hydraulic micrometer system for remote measurement of inside dimensions such as the inside diameter of long straight/curved pipes and tubes adapted to go deep inside any long straight/curved...
7861432 Method and apparatus for hole measurement  
A method and apparatus for measuring hole parameters by using a probe signal have been disclosed.
7856730 Internal diameter measurement device  
The internal diameter measurement device is inserted into a cavity to measure its internal diameter. The internal diameter measurement device includes: a tubular sheath inserted into the cavity; a...
6901797 Method and instrument for gauging a workpiece  
An instrument is adapted to be attached to a rotational member of an instrument station for obtaining information about a workpiece. The instrument includes at least one orifice adapted to be...
6006437 Plug gauge for checking geometric features of parts with rotational symmetry  
A plug gauge for checking shape errors, in particular, the roundness of a valve seat. The plug gauge comprises seating surfaces adapted for cooperating with the surface of the valve seat, and a...
5653037 Apparatus and method for measurement of tapped hole  
A tapped hole measuring apparatus available for automatically measuring the major diameter, minor diameter, effective diameter and depth of a tapped hole. The apparatus comprises a measuring...
5619803 Pneumatic measurement plug  
The plug comprises an elongate member and at least one measurement ring mounted with radial play on the elongate member and comprising at least one pair of diametrically opposite measurement...
4852262 Gauge for in situ measurement of borehole diameter  
A gauge for measuring in situ the diameter of a borehole in salt or other ft creeping rock types is provided so that changes in borehole structure can be detected. The gauge comprises a...
4477977 Method and apparatus involving the measurement of bores  
A method and apparatus for non-destructively measuring the internal volume and nominal diameter of cylindrical or substantially cylindrical bores. The apparatus includes an expander with an...
4320579 Calipering tool  
A calipering tool for use in a pipe and having a body and feeler means mounted with the body for engaging the surfaces of the pipe being calipered and with feelers moving in response to variations...
4307514 Bore diameter measurement gage  
An apparatus for measuring the bore diameter of a hollow member whose bore diameter can change in the axial direction. The bore diameter measuring apparatus includes a probe portion, means for...
4071958 Device for inspecting inner diameter and bending of pipe  
The present invention discloses a device for automatically inspecting the acceptability of the inner diameter and bending of pipes of the type in which a cylindrical gage is inserted and forced to...
3918164 Measuring device having remote indicating means  
This invention relates to a measuring device having remote reading means comprising a recorder and a receiver each having a piston and cylinder combination defining a hydraulic chamber, the...
3914872 Dual plug gauger  
A plug gauger for the finish portion of containers which will gauge two separate diameters of the finish. A minimum diameter plug gauge carried by a main shaft is inserted into a finish of a...
A gaging head having a central bore to permit the passage of pressurized air therethrough and being connected by passages to opposite longitudinal surface slots provided on the gaging head. A...
3349610 Soil deformation measuring cell with positioning liner  
3343419 Surface round indicator  
3287811 Fluid actuated gage for internal measurements  
3250013 Measuring instrument  
3210988 Air gage nozzle  
3201974 Air plug gage construction  
3171275 Pneumatic gages  
3154939 Adjustable air gauging mandrel  
3061939 Precise measuring method for an inner diameter of a cylinder  
3057072 Gauge protector  
3037373 Air gauge having adjustable baldes  
3028677 Air gauge head  
2927377 Opening and closing device for well bore caliper  
2887777 Measuring device  
2869243 Gaging apparatus  
2841877 Plug gauge  
2833048 Plug gauges having glass gauging surfaces  
2802276 Compact head for pneumatic bore gauge  
2801475 Gage for measuring circumambient surfaces  
2797576 Air gauge spindle  
2795855 Air gauge  
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