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8262157 Hinge collapsible portable slat seat  
A collapsible and foldable composite chair with back slats and seat slats held together by a fabric material. A fold line hinge into the fabric material which normally wears out over time is...
7506934 Floor cushion with seat back  
A floor cushion with a seat back has excellent ease of storage and is designed to improve heat preservation by adjusting the cushion size to a chair or increasing its fitting property. The floor...
7055907 Light weight transportable chair  
A light-weight easily transportable chair having a fabric foam plastic seat, a fabric covered foam plastic seat back and a hinge interconnecting said seat and said back and a flexible fabric skirt...
6698830 Portable seat and storage apparatus  
A portable seat and storage apparatus combining the multifunctional capacities of a chair, backpack, and storage device. The device incorporates a frame assembly and back support frame assembly,...
6557871 Stroller with adjustable seat back arrangement  
An adjustable seat back arrangement for stroller includes two inclination locking devices for selectively locking up a back support on two construction bars respectively, wherein each of the...
6164726 Folding chair  
A folding chair is described of the type having a seat portion and a back portion joined by a fabric hinge. The seat and back portions have an array of stiffeners, the stiffeners each having one...
5803884 Abdominal exercise machine with curved back support  
The present invention provides an abdominal exercise apparatus having an adjustable curved back support. The machine is used to produce an exercise that isolates, stretches, works, and develops the...
5580125 Cinema booster seat/refreshment center  
A child theater seat for use in theaters having fold up seats spring loaded o the upright position whereby the weight of said child theater seat holds the underlining seat in the down position when...
5524956 Foldable backrest and seat and hand warmer  
A portable folding device for providing comfort for people engaged in outdoor activities is disclosed. The device comprises a padded cushion having a lower section, an upper section, and a middle...
5385390 Portable seat carrier  
A portable seat carrier is provided, which consists of a seat in which a person may sit upon. A backrest to support a back of the person, is hinged to the seat. A structure extends from the sides...
5360257 Folding lumbar support seat  
The folding seat consists of a seat back (4) and a seat bottom (6) connected by two living hinges 12) and side release buckles (20,24) mounted on bendable strips (16,22) secured to the inner ends...
5100203 Collapsible portable slat seat  
A collapsible and foldable composite chair with back slats and seat slats attached to a flexible fabric material. The slats are fixedly and securedly attached to pockets in the flexible material by...
5042875 Portable seat assembly  
A portable seat assembly (10) includes a seat member (16) and a back member (18). The seat member has a forward hook portion (36), and the back member has a rearward hook portion (70). The rearward...
4887865 Orthopedic seat and backrest combination  
A seat and backrest combination device formed of contoured, rigid panels which are retained within a slipcover formed of a specially shaped stretchable cloth material. The slipcover is shaped in a...
4843662 Two person seat case  
A dual, two-person bench (stadium) seat case, essentially of three pieces of fabric sewn together to afford a pair of pockets, facing one another, into which seat cushions are readily insertable...
4457032 Seat cushion  
An improved, portable auxiliary seat cushion is described having a seat panel and a back rest panel hingedly connected to form a unitary structure, the under side of the seat panel and the rearward...
4060276 Cooling seat  
This invention relates to a portable seat cushion which unfolds to form a seat section and a back section. Both the seat and back sections include therein a frozen coolant package covered by a...
3940166 Auxiliary retention belt and support cushion for seat of open vehicles  
This invention relates to auxiliary seat and back cushion means with safety belt for protective retention of a passenger riding behind the operator of an open vehicle such as a motorcycle wherein...
A seat similar to a bucket seat but with the back rest adjustable to different inclinations relative to the seat part.
D219397 Title is not available  
3346298 Seat cushion  
3325151 Concrete mixing and batching plant  
3323151 Portable pads  
3259925 Self-warming cushion  
3253861 Inflatable cushion  
3233861 Butterfly valve having reinforced seat structure  
3167353 Expanded foraminous plastic article  
3112956 Inflatable seat and back rest  
3093407 Body cushion  
3063753 Ventilating back and seat cushion  
3038176 Air cooled seat cushion construction  
3032916 Individual portable table  
3004794 Orthopedic cushion and arm rest unit  
2855986 Sacral nerve relieving seat cushion and back  
2804913 Ventilated seat cover  
2793678 Tractor seat construction  
Matches 1 - 36 out of 36