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3398987 Folding automobile seat  
3387885 Seat back latch mechanism  
3382527 Hinge fitting for a seat and back rest, especially of a motor vehicle  
3356415 Adjustable backrest mechanism  
3353868 Adjustable seat back mechanism  
3343872 Seats  
3342527 Seat back hinge-latch  
3339976 Automobile seat backrest locking device  
3338633 Latching and hinging assembly for folding seat  
3336077 Auxiliary seat  
3336078 Portable seat for automobiles  
3331633 Baby carriage seats  
3331629 Collapsible chair  
3328076 Angularly adjustable seat  
3328077 Latching and hinging assembly for folding seat  
3323149 Bed server  
3322461 Lock for automobile seats  
3321242 Single pivot seat back  
3297361 Automobile safety device  
3259433 Hinge fitting for adjustable back rests, especially for motor vehicles  
3254916 Extensible chair-table unit  
3228724 Collapsible lawn chair  
3216766 Infinite positional adjustment and one-way lock mechanism  
3203731 Multiple seating including stackable chairs with folding backs  
3185525 Seat hinging mechanism  
3185526 Seat brace  
3157433 Safety lock for pivoted seat backs  
3140896 Seat structures  
3114574 Combination lid and seat  
3032373 Adjustable chaise lounge  
3028198 Safety seat catch  
3028199 Locking mechanism for folding seats  
3025106 Foldable seating structure  
3001821 Adjustable seat structure  
2989331 Automatic locking device  
2956617 Combination table and folding chair  
2955644 Automobile seat construction  
2926948 Folding seat structure for a vehicle body  
2833336 Seats with angularly adjustable back  
2828806 Latchable tilting seat back  
2799326 Reclining seat back construction  
2790688 Latch device