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4418852 Spare wheel-tire carrier  
A spare tire carrier attachable to the underside of a trailer or other vele not equipped with an interior spare tire storage space. The carrier includes three or more transversely extending roller...
4410117 Combination bumper and spare tire carrier  
A new and improved combination bumper and spare tire carrier is disclosed adapted to be affixed to a tailgate of a vehicle without inhibiting the operation of the tailgate. The subject carrier...
4398765 Cover plate for spare wheel housing  
A cover plate for covering an upper opening of a spare wheel housing for accommodating a spare wheel of a vehicle. The cover plate is so formed as to completely cover the upper opening of the...
4284218 Atras spare tire mounting kit  
The ATRAS (Spanish word for back or behind) Spare Tire Mounting Kit is designed specifically for installation on the rear end of Ford Granada and Mercury Monarch automobiles, years 1975 to 1979,...
4095709 Under body spare tire carrier  
A first elongated horizontal support arm has one inner end thereof anchored to one of the side longitudinal frame members of a vehicle adjacent the rear end thereof. The other free end of the...
4087032 Spare tire stowage assembly  
A vehicle spare tire carrier and stowage assembly for supporting a tire beneath the floor and to the rear of the axle. The tire is supported in a generally box-like structure having a bottom, side...
4060270 Device for stowing away a spare-wheel on an automobile vehicle  
The device ensures in the case of a shock on the rear of the vehicle the withdrawal of the spare-wheel under the fuel tank without this substantially affecting the capacity of the tank.The...
RE29348 Spare tire extraction device  
A strap has a handle formed at one of its ends and a fastener at its other end. The fastener is fitted in the bolt hole of the wheel on which a spare tire is mounted. The strap goes under the tire...
3940178 Spare tire mounting  
The specification discloses apparatus for mounting a spare wheel and tire in a vehicle, and especially in a cargo box of a pickup truck wherein the spare is secured against one side wall of the...
3912099 Spare tire carrier means  
This invention provides spare tire carrier means for a wheeled vehicle comprising arm means pivotably connected to the vehicle by generally vertical first pivot means disposed such that the arm...
A spare tire carrier for automobile trunks of the type having a shelf structure at the back of the trunk including a lower angle bracket having legs in right angle relation in which one of the...
A vehicle in which the fuel tank and spare wheel are located under the floor of the luggage boot, the tank being nearer the center of the vehicle than the spare wheel. The tank has a bottom wall...
A vehicle includes inner and outer walls vertically positioned in opposed relationship longitudinally of the vehicle to partially define a vertical spare wheel well. A spare wheel is positioned...
A safety body structure for the front end of a rear engine mounted vehicle having a kickup device for moving a spare tire from a horizontal stored position to a vertical buffer position during a...
3338620 Vehicles and fitting therefor  
3210117 Spare tire mount for a towing vehicle  
3047331 Frame construction for vehicles  
3008755 Folding backrest for the rear seat of station wagons  
3005657 Mounting for spare tire in vehicle fender  
2888296 Suburban vehicle  
2871968 Luggage and spare wheel compartment structure on rear-engined vehicles  
2867471 Camping apparatus for station wagons  
2841232 Exhaust means extending through accessible enclosures  
2823069 Vehicle spare tire mounting  
2823070 Rear fender compartment for spare tire  
2822056 Motor vehicle of the rear engine type  
2816794 Vehicle body assembly  
2812030 Motor vehicle fuel tank  
2792137 Movable luggage holder for automobile trunk compartments  
2788239 Auxiliary compartment spare wheel support  
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