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4520733 Guide rail and follower wheel construction for monorail  
A guide rail and follower wheel construction for a monorail are disclosed. The monorail vehicle follower wheel has a radially directed, circumferential groove shaped to fit over a raised track...
4378909 Fish-plates for electrically conducting railway rails  
A fish-plate comprises two sections which can be fitted, by way of a toothed surface, against corresponding toothed surfaces of two adjacent electrically conductive rails of a railway using bolts...
An electrical current conductor rail in the form of a high strength beam of ferrous metal of "H" or "I" transverse cross-section providing longitudinally extending outwardly presenting channels on...
3201046 Insulated rail joint construction  
3071325 Insulating fish plates  
2989240 Integrated insulated rail joint bar  
2894690 Double splice bar rail joint  
Matches 1 - 7 out of 7