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3092706 Domestic oven with optimum heat distribution  
3082311 Oven thermostat cooling system  
3069523 Thermostat switch  
3066214 Electric water heater  
3062943 Combination manual and automatic time and temperature control system  
3059084 Electric thermostat  
3050610 Control apparatus  
3050611 Temperature control systems  
3036189 Electric cooking range  
3033968 Precision temperature-regulated oven system and method of control  
3031559 Electrically heated boiler  
3029332 Electric space heating furnace  
3027285 Office laminating machine  
3008028 Arrangement for electrical heat sealing of packages in a sealing machine  
3007024 Electric heating system  
2993106 Heating control system  
2958755 Electronic sequencer control circuits  
2932715 Electric range  
2930874 Adjustable temperature responsive control for electrical devices  
2924695 Electric furnace control method  
2921173 Warming blanket control  
2920175 Constant temperature chamber, in particular a crystal oven  
2916598 Fuel oil pre-heater  
2910567 Thin radiating hot pads  
2906845 Parallel heating unit wattage controller system  
2889442 Domestic appliance  
2883508 Range  
2882383 Space heating system and apparatus  
2848588 Control system for electric heating  
2846556 Temperature controlling apparatus  
2844704 Combination range and hot water heater  
2832878 Electric cooking appliances  
2825789 Control apparatus  
2825791 House heating unit using electrical heating elements novelly organized and controlled  
2810811 Time controlled apparatus with electromechanical relay  
2798929 Control apparatus  
2782291 Thermostatic heating control systems