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3358838 Oil skimming device  
3353679 Triangular-type horizontal flow settling basins  
3334746 Continuous bayonet filter device  
3333696 Self-cleaning mobile filter  
3317047 Sewage disposal system  
3298950 Liquid treating apparatus and method  
3295538 Refrigeration system cleaner  
3295688 Separation of foamable impurities from water  
3295689 Apparatus for purifying liquids  
3291562 Selective twin filter mechanism and method for dry cleaning mechanism  
3289843 Apparatus for centrifugal screening  
3279603 Sewage disposal involving filtration of the sewage  
3276458 Ultra pure water recirculating system  
3272338 Sewage disposal system  
3265212 Process for the purification of rolling mill oil  
3259567 Method and apparatus for treatment of detergent-laden wastes  
3258123 Centripetal scale pit  
3257081 Recovery of waste grinding materials  
3252896 Disposal treatment of waste liquids containing putrescible organic matter  
3251398 Process for dehydrating waste solids concentrates  
3249229 Fuel storage and dispensing system  
3248323 Waste treatment with anaerobic digestion  
3247105 Process and apparatus for producing dense sludges  
3246762 Apparatus for the treatment of contaminated liquid wastes by flocculation and clarification  
3242058 Matter management systems  
3228526 Apparatus for gasification of liquids  
3226317 Anaerobic digestion of waste sludges  
3224964 Apparatus and process for biological purification of waste water containing foam forming substances  
3220945 Method and apparatus for sewage treatment and disposal  
3214020 Fuel filtration system  
3214021 Filtering apparatus  
3211535 Liquid separation apparatus  
3208201 Crude oil separating treatment  
3207313 Apparatus for aeration of waste products  
3202285 Sewage treatment structures  
3200567 System for the sonic treatment of emulsions and for resolving the same into their constituent parts  
3199679 Filter system for dry cleaning solvents  
3189180 Cyclone-centrifuge separator  
3180824 Conditioning of wastes  
3173865 Water cleaning system for swimming pools  
3166501 Plant for sewage treatment  
3156646 Apparatus for digestion of waste removed from septic tanks  
3155609 Stabilization of a closed or open water system through the selective utilization of light  
3135685 Device for collecting cutting samples from well drilling operations  
3121680 Method and apparatus for treating fluid material with suspended solids  
3118833 Plant and process for water purification  
3075645 Water treatment in municipal and industrial water systems  
3052358 Fuel filtration system  
3051314 Treating finely-divided solids  
3047492 Sewage digesting process