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3229060 Preset, automatically resettable omnidirectional switch  
3227835 Combination out-of-balance and safety spin switch  
3227834 Combination vehicle wheel spin and wheel slide control switch  
3226503 Universal integrating accelerometer  
3226675 Inertial responsive stop signal for vehicles  
3226704 Golf club accelerometer  
3226016 Industrial centrifuges  
3221321 Combined temperature and shock recording apparatus  
3219773 Kick-out mechanism for extractor  
3215220 Safety seat belt release and ignition cutoff system  
3213409 Condition selector apparatus  
3213226 Safety impact switch to open electrical circuit  
3198899 Circuit breaker for vehicles including inertia-operated switch  
3194910 Inertial switch device  
3192517 Burglar alarm  
3192412 Arming accelerometer  
3190983 Torsion spring actuated snap-action circuit breaker with free release latch  
3187128 Speed control switching mechanism  
3185096 Thrust reversal unit for rocket motor  
3180951 Linear acceleration switch  
3177312 Slug type inertia switch  
3175058 Acceleration switch  
3167962 Doubly integrating accelerometer  
3163856 Alarm device for indicating lack of motion  
3161736 Omnidirectional switch  
3160868 Theft alarm for motor vehicles  
3160011 Practice means  
3158705 Combination graze and impact switch  
3157854 Vehicle deceleration indicator  
3157757 Dual mass acceleration sensitive switching mechanism  
3156794 Omni-directional impact switch  
3154776 Dual rotating light signal having centrifugal operation of light switches  
3154774 Self contained electrical impact indicator  
3151698 Motor vehicle safety control system  
3149606 Accelerometers  
3144528 Acceleration switch  
3142992 Shock sensitive devices  
3141126 Motion detection apparatus and method for use in bore hole logging  
3138793 Electric circuit control unit  
3132220 Acceleration switch  
3130590 Shock sensitive latch-releasing device  
3117196 Acceleration operated switch  
3103120 Omnidirectional "g" switch  
3101569 Remote electrically controlled wheeled toy  
3098538 Novel and safety process and device for use in connection with motor vehicles  
3089734 Frequency operated brake anti-skid device  
3083276 Integrating accelerometer  
3081622 Device for the measurement of vibration displacement  
3078722 Mercury actuated g-triggered time delay  
3072760 Acceleration responsive switch and control mechanism