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3076507 Chemical cutting method and apparatus for use in wells  
3075582 Prevention of erosion of pipe strings in multiply tubingless completed oil and gas wells  
3066736 Hydraulic perforating gun  
3066058 Chemical cutting and working  
3064731 Cleavage barriers  
3064729 Oil recovery method  
3058521 Method of initiating fractures in earth formations  
3054938 Means and mode for depositing material by jet perforation  
3050118 Fracture placing method  
3036634 Completion of wells in a plurality of formations  
3032104 Completion and working over of wells  
3029732 Perforation and cleaning of wells  
3026936 Method of completing wells  
3011551 Fracturing gun  
3011550 Apparatus for perforating pipe strings  
3003556 Method of perforating one of a plurality of parallel pipe strings  
3003558 Method of removing debris from well bores  
2986214 Apparatus for perforating and treating zones of production in a well  
2963088 Completion of tubeless wells  
2952319 Method of verttcally fracturing cased wells  
2938584 Method and apparatus for completing and servicing wells  
2935131 Method and apparatus for completing a well in a plurality of zones  
2927638 Multistage hydrafracturing process and apparatus  
2918125 Chemical cutting method and apparatus  
2906339 Method and apparatus for completing wells  
2895554 Method and apparatus for perforating well casings  
2894584 Well completion  
2891620 Method of perforating well casing  
2877822 Hydraulically operable reciprocating motor driven swage for restoring collapsed pipe  
2847072 Methods for dual completion of oil and gas wells  
2846011 Method for perforating well formations  
2839142 Permanent well completion method  
2837164 Well completion method  
2836247 Extension of effective length of tubing  
2833352 Method and apparatus for completing wells  
2832415 Perforating wells  
2813584 Squeeze cementing  
2805722 Perforation wells