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3139369 Apparatus for making laminated building panels of cellular structure  
3133853 Resilient composite polyurethane structures  
3120570 Process for forming an insulated container  
3118800 Method and apparatus for making flexible conduits having an annular wall of foamed plastic  
3116196 Combination pad and insulator for cushions  
3108852 Method of making resilient and flexible cushioning and sealing elements  
3099518 Method of making an innerspring foam mattress  
3097982 Method of fabricating airfoils  
3093525 Method of lamination of plastic film and foam and the product therefrom  
3090620 Bowling ball  
3088539 Vehicle instrument and dashboard assemblies  
3078202 Type of construction  
3069725 Apparatus and method for making foamed plastic containers  
3070475 Laminated structures  
3065500 Method and apparatus for making coherent bodies from expandable granules of thermoplastic  
3061475 Method of producing packaging material  
3059253 Emergency float  
3052579 Procedure for obtaining corsets reinforced with elastic cellular materials  
3047449 Process for preparing a thin cellular polyurethane layer of uniform thickness  
3042967 Method and apparatus for making foamed polymeric structures  
3041220 Laminated boat construction  
3041224 Method of forming foam layers on carpeting  
3037897 Method of making structural panel articles  
3027040 Multi-density expanded plastic-body  
3025202 Method of manufacturing a fibrous product  
3013922 Manufacture of plastic articles having spaced shells with reinforced foam filling  
3008859 Method of making closed shapes of reinforced plastic  
3007208 Methods of applying resin foam  
2998501 Apparatus for making foamed polymeric structural materials  
2993871 Foamable silicone-glycol copolymer novolac compositions, method of preparing same and articles produced therefrom  
2993813 Process of coating a substrate with polyurethane foam  
2983962 Method for preparing laminated resin foam structures  
2977639 Method for preparing laminated plastic structures  
2976577 Process of making foam cored laminates  
2973295 Process of incorporating foamable materials in corrugated paperboard and the article derived therefrom  
2972554 Pad and method of making same  
2964799 Method of making plastic foam laminates  
2961332 Process for producing decorative foam surface coverings  
2956310 Casting of thin cellular resin sheets  
2955972 Method of forming padded articles  
2955971 Method of making padded articles  
2948650 Resilient cushion and method of manufacture  
2948651 Plastic article and method of producing same  
2940887 Rubber-base floor material and method of making same  
2936293 Method of reacting monoesters of fatty acids and pentaerythritol with aromatic diisocyanates and preparing porous resins therefrom  
2922204 Apparatus and method of making fabric covered weather strips for vehicle doors and product  
2920977 Cellular surface coverings having an embossed appearance  
2907074 Method of manufacturing a cellular lined plastic article  
2903380 Process for producing composite structures comprising rigid polyurethane foams and covering layers  
2903387 Fibrous webs and method for their production