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3262805 Process of coating to make leather substitute and resulting article  
3258511 Process for the manufacture of upholstery  
3257483 Method of applying foam to fabrics  
3257252 Method of making a decorative surface covering  
3256131 Embossed laminate and method of making same  
3255061 Process for making synthetic leather-like material  
3255062 Method of manufacturing a reinforced honeycomb structure  
3253731 Hot water storage tanks  
3253064 Process for molding a foamed plastic having an outermost uniform skin  
3251912 Method for making an insulating joint  
3249659 Method of making laminated panel structures  
3246058 Method for producing reinforced foam laminate structures  
3243492 Stabilized panel production  
3240846 Method and apparatus for preparing polyurethane foam sandwich structure  
3240655 Polyurethane foam under textile fabric  
3233576 Apparatus for plastic foam production  
3231439 Dimensional stabilization of foam panels  
3230134 Plastic carpet and method of making same  
3226751 Combinational sponge and scouring device  
3224894 Process for producing decorative surface covering  
3223576 Fibrous panels impregnated with foam plastic  
3220902 Laminated container forming method and apparatus  
3221085 Process of making an insulated cabinet  
3219502 Method of applying foam to fabric  
3217070 Manufacture of laminated board structures  
3216849 Method of manufacture of cellular foam  
3215581 Foaming apparatus  
3211814 Method of making plastic boat  
3210446 Method of molding a thermoplastic foamed article having a core of thermoplastic coated yarns  
3206354 Laminated heat-formable sheet material having a protective skin comprising polyvinyl chloride resin and cured butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber  
3205106 Method of increasing stiffness of an inflated structure  
3200448 Sealing strips, beadings or mouldings  
3200026 Method of producing a shell roof structure  
3199261 Wall-like structure  
3196062 Production of embossed plastic sheet material  
3193406 Edge regulator  
3189243 Containers made from plastic foam sheet  
3176055 Plastic boat hull  
3174887 Method of producing a sandwich structure from a pair of foam coated sheets  
3173826 Foamed strip material and method of making  
3166831 Method of making composite elements  
3164251 Tightly bundled package assemblage and method of packaging  
3159514 Method and apparatus for fabricating foam core walls  
3158529 Polyurethane sandwich structures  
3151427 Method for adhesively bonding surfaces  
3147164 Method of making shaped laminated resinous products  
3144492 Foamed resin process  
3144369 Method of forming a coaxial cable  
3142864 Means and method for the formation of paneling having a foamed plastic core  
3142714 Method for the production of cleaning devices