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3392685 Filler head for food products  
3370784 Inflation aspirator  
3352458 Container filling apparatus  
3347287 Nozzle apparatus  
3332457 Discharge spout  
3324905 Filler head for ice cream cartons  
3310077 Filling device with vapor recovery means  
3306838 Apparatus for electrical stock removal  
3295566 Filling machine for comminuted materials  
3291165 Backwash shield assembly  
3288178 Spout  
3285300 Filling valve  
3285299 Container sealing and filling means  
3279393 Nozzle  
3276488 Tank viewer and injection fitting  
3267971 Packaging apparatus and process  
3255789 Shut-off adapter for automatic gasoline nozzles  
3224472 Liquid-dispensing nozzle with automatic cutoff  
3211196 Nozzles for dispensing gasoline into tanks of motor vehicles  
3204670 Apparatus for filling valve bags with bulk goods  
3202123 Marine engine cooling coupler  
3195587 Apparatus for filling plastic bags  
3192967 Bag filling devices  
3175591 Sanitary dispensing nozzles for filling machines  
3174607 Material flow divertor apparatus  
3169562 Combination cap and coupler  
3148690 Method and apparatus for changing gas meters  
3139159 Filling arrangement for a telescopic suspension unit  
3113599 Dispensing nozzle with resilient tank cap holder  
3044233 Handling of flexible plastic bags  
2982318 Magnetic holding device for gasoline tank closure caps and the like  
2926029 Hose coupling having upset locking means  
2916059 Evacuation valve cup  
2915094 Liquid dispensers  
2906302 Nozzle valve for dispensing power fluids  
2848741 Apparatus for feeding powdered or granular materials to receptacles  
2849036 Liquid baffle for gasoline dispensing nozzles  
2830741 Fuel tank holder mechanism for fuel pumps  
2826455 Dustproof cap for fluid dispensing nozzles  
2802772 Aerosols compositions; bomb, and process for treating flocks of chickens  
2800931 Dispensing nozzle guard with magnet  
2799128 Receptacle filling guide