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US20080216521 Washing Machine Clutch System  
A washing machine clutch to rotate or oscillate an agitator or propeller and selectively rotate a basket, comprising a support member that contains a cover and a second cover, an actuator that...
US20070137260 Tilted drum-type washing machine with pulsator and method for controlling the same  
Tilted drum type washing machine of a new structure, which can make introduction and take out of laundry easy, reduce water consumption, and enhance washing performance, and effect, and a method...
US20050223505 Washing machine clutch system and method of use  
A clutch system for a washing machine having a spin tub, a centrally located agitator system, and a motor provided to drive the spin tub and agitator system. The clutch system has a housing and a...
Matches 1 - 3 out of 3