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This invention relates to a garbage incinerator of rotary kiln type. The inside of the incinerator is composed of a combustion chamber and a flue chamber. The flue chamber is surrounded by a water jacket. Further, a garbage preheating cylinder is inserted concentrically with the incinerator. After garbage is fully preheated in the preheating cylinder, it descends continuously in a thin layer in front of the flame of the jet burner. Further, the combustion chamber is provided with a narrowed end portion so as to prolong the stay of the garbage in the combustion chamber in order to ensure complete combustion thereof.

Koyanagi, Shinzaburo (Shibuyaku, JA)
Sato, Setsuko (Nakanoku, JA)
Koyanagi, Takasuke (Shibuyaku, Tokyo, JA)
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1. A combination garbage incinerator and hot water heater comprising:

2. The combination garbage incinerator and hot water heater as defined in claim 1 and including fins provided within said water jacket to insure uniform heating of the water circulated therethrough.

3. The combination garbage incinerator and hot water heater as defined in claim 1 and in which said cylindrical body is provided with an end section adjacent the discharge end of said preheating cylinder of reduced cross section to retain garbage within said combustion chamber to insure complete combustion.

4. The combination as defined in claim 1 and in which said preheating cylinder extends into said combustion chamber a distance equal to substantially one-half the length of said combustion chamber.

The disposal of garbage becomes more and more one of the most serious problems for cities; one reason for this is simply more garbage-- the result of an expanding and increasingly affluent population. Further, as environmental concerns multiply and sanitation laws become tougher, there is greater demand for garbage incinerators of good efficiency that ensure complete combustion of wastes without emitting much ash and bad odor.

Most of the known garbage incinerators are stationary furnaces in which garbage is heaped upon grates and burnt. They have the defects of damaging the grates by overheating and of requiring good ventilation whereby complete combustion can not be expected.

The garbage incinerator according to this invention is a sort of rotary kiln provided with preheating cylinder and water jacket whereby combustion heat is utilized to preheat garbage as well as to produce hot water.

After the garbage is fully preheated, it is discharged continuously from the lower opening of the preheating cylinder and ignited by the jet burner. Since the garbage confronts the flame in a comparatively thin layer, complete combustion results.

The invention is illustrated in a preferred embodiment in the accompanying drawing, in which:

FIG. 1 is a side sectional view of the garbage incinerator according to this invention and

FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken as indicated at line II--II of FIG. 1.

In the embodiment illustrated, the incinerator 1 is a rotary kiln rotatively mounted on rollers R and driven by pinion P connected to a power source, the pinion being in mesh with a gear G fixed around the shell. The inside of the incinerator is composed a combustion chamber A with narrowed portion A' surrounded by a lining of refractory material and flue chamber B surrounded by a water jacket 4. A preheating cylinder 2, the diameter of which being about a half of the inner diameter of combustion chamber A, is inserted concentrically in the incinerator. One end of said cylinder is held by stays 9 and the other protruding end is mounted on roller R' so as to rotate together with the incinerator. Within the water jacket 4, a number of guide vanes 5 are arranged around the inner cylinder. 8 is a water supplying pipe and 7 is a funnelled pipe to receive hot water from the water jacket 4 and deliver it to a hot water reservoir. 10 is a jet burner.

In use, the incinerator is slowly rotated and garbage carried by trucks is dumped into the preheating cylinder 2 through a chute 11. As said cylinder is provided with spiral rib 3 on its inner surface, garbage moves smoothly downward while being preheated by combustion heat and descends continuously from the lower opening in front of the burner 10.

Since garbage confronts the flame of the burner in comparatively thin layer, complete combustion may be resulted. The narrowed portion A' is provided for prolonging the stay of garbage in the combustion chamber so as to ensure complete combustion.

The flue is sucked up by chimney 12 after preheating the garbage charged in the cylinder 2 and heating the water in the water jacket 4. The hot water obtained here may be utilized for many useful purposes such as pool, bath, laundry et cetera. 6 is the water level of the water jacket.

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