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Apparatus used in ski instruction comprising: a pair of spaced horizontal platforms movable back and forth along a given direction in a horizontal plane; a pair of ski boot simulating devices; and a pair of rotatable and vertically movable hinges, each of the ski boot simulating devices being secured by a corresponding hinge to a corresponding platform. The instruction device includes structure whereby each ski boot simulating device is capable of pivoting or rocking from side to side with respect to a vertical axis, and may rotate and move vertically to a limited extent due to the provision of the rotatable and vertically movable hinges by the structure of which the ski boot simulating devices are mounted on their respective platforms. The ski instruction device of the present invention is so constructed and operable as to permit the person undergoing instruction thereon to attain and partake of all of the various movements normally encountered during actual skiing operations.

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Having thus described this invention, what is asserted as new is

1. Apparatus for use in ski instruction comprising a pair of spaced horizontal platforms movable back and forth in a horizontal plane, each of said platforms provided with rollers on the underside thereof; a ski boot simulating device mounted on each of said platforms; a rotable and vertically-movable hinge connecting each of said ski boot simulating devices to one of said platforms, whereby said ski boot simulating devices may each be rotated and moved vertically to a limited extent on said rotable and vertically movable hinges; a pair of frames each having tracks on their upper surfaces and rollers on the undersurfaces thereof, each of said frames being positioned below one of said platforms with the rollers of said platforms engaging and movable along the tracks of said frames in a horizontal direction; and a frame below said first mentioned frames, said last mentioned frame having tracks thereon engaged by the rollers of said first mentioned frames whereby the superimposed first pair of frames, the superimposed platforms, and the ski boot simulating devices are movable back and forth along the tracks on said last mentioned frame.

2. Apparatus of claim 1 further including a horizontal disc below said the last mentioned frame and rotatable in a horizontal plane in either direction about a vertical axis.


My invention is directed toward apparatus which can be used to instruct beginners in all the movements of feet and legs required in skiing before the beginner actually steps on snow.


To this end, a pair of ski boot simulating devices are secured by corresponding rotatable and vertically movable hinges to corresponding horizontal platforms. These platforms can move back and forth along a given horizontal direction along corresponding support frames. These frames can move back and forth along a second horizontal direction at right angles to the given direction along a main support frame. The main support frame is secured to a disc which can be rotated in either direction in a horizontal plane about its center.

The various types of movement thus obtainable, either individually or in combination, enable proper instruction to be given in the manner indicated .


In the drawings:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of my invention;

Fig. 2 is an exploded view thereof; and

FIG. 3 is an enlarged vertical view, partly in sections showing in detail one of the rotatable and vertically movable hinges of the present invention.


Referring now to FIGS. 1 2, and 3, a first flat horizontal circular base 10 rests on the ground or suitable other support. A horizontal circular disc 12 is disposed above the base and is connected via ball bearings 14 thereto whereby the disc 12 can be rotated either clockwise or counterclockwise in a horizontal plane.

A horizontal rectangular frame 16 is secured by vertically downwardly extending legs 18 to the disc 12. Frame 16 has spaced parallel horizontal bars or tracks 20.

Two separate rectangular frames 22 have circumferentially grooved rollers 24 engaging bars or tracks 20 whereby each of said frames 22 can move back and forth horizontally along bars or tracks 20. Each of frames 22 has bars or tracks 26 which are parallel and which extend horizontally and at right angles to bars or tracks 20.

First and second spaced horizontal platforms 28 are each provided with circumferentially grooved rollers 30 to engage bars or tracks 26 whereby the platforms 28 can move horizontally back and forth along bars or tracks 26 and thus move at right angles to the direction of movement of frames 22.

Each platform 28 is provided near the center portion thereof with a circular opening 40 and with a tubular portion 40' which extends downwardly from said circular opening.

A ski boot simulating device 32 adjustable to any size foot is secured by a double hinge 34 to each platform 28. Each of the double hinges 34 comprises a lower plate 35 and an upper plate 36, each of rectangular shape and of similar size, which plates are connected along two of their opposite sides by hinges 37 and 38, respectively. Extending downwardly from the central portion of lower plate 35 is a cylindrical member 39 of a diameter slightly less than the diameter of the centrally located opening 40 in platform 28 which member 39 is provided at its lower end with an enlarged portion 41 of a diameter slightly greater than the diameter of said cylindrical member 39 and slightly greater than the diameter of the opening 40 in platform 28. In actual use, the vertical length of cylindrical member 39 is at least 2 inches. The double hinge arrangement provided by hinges 37 and 38 enables each ski boot device simulating 32 to pivot or rock back and forth in either direction on each platform as indicated by the arrows in FIG. 2. A user should be able to lift the ski boot simulating devices upwardly for a distance of at least two inches off platform 28 due to the permisible vertical movement of the extension 39 within the downwardly extended tubular portion 40'.

The frames, platform, disc and hinges can each be locked manually into any desired position. The separation between platforms and/or frames can also be adjusted as desired. Thus, all of the movements attainable with the use of my invention can be controlled separately.

Adjustable ski poles 42 can be used as desired.

Any skilled teacher can then instruct pupils in the art of skiing with the use of my invention.

While I have described by invention with particular reference to the drawings, such is not to be considered as limiting its actual scope.