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A base, frame and lock assembly for securing a container of flammable liquid such as gasoline on a trailer for snowmobiles or the like. A padlock secures a cover, which when lifted by removal of the padlock permits access to threaded means for release of a detent which normally prevents removal of the fuel container.

Nichol, Thomas W. (Milwaukee, WI)
Schmidt, Richard J. (Milwaukee, WI)
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Wolfe, Robert L.
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Welch, Gerald P.
Having thus described the invention, what is claimed and desired to be secured by Letters Patent of the United States is

1. A fuel container security rack for snowmobile trailers comprising a base for attachment to the platform of the trailer, a pair of vertical standards fixed one adjacent each end of said base, a pair of arcuate tubular members fixed horizontally on a plane centrally on said standards for freely encircling a fuel container, said standards being apertured adjacent their upper ends, an angular tubular member journaled freely within said apertures to prevent upward removal of said fuel container, and locking means associated with one end of said angular tubular member to prevent removal of said tubular member and the fuel container.

2. A device as in claim 1, and an integral portion of said tubular angular member normally extending downwardly with the lower end thereof engaged with a locking means associated with the base of the device.


A snowmobile is normally transported to a scene of activity on a trailer and very often the site chosen is some distance from a gasoline filling station. It is an object of the present invention to provide means for conveniently securing a fuel can to the snowmobile trailer and to provide locking means for the container to guard against theft thereof in the absence of the user. The device comprises a metal base which may be secured to the floor of the trailer, a pair of bar uprights vertically fixed thereon, and a pair of arcuate tubular horizontal frame members fixed to said uprights and adapted to embrace the fuel container.


FIG. 1 is a view in perspective of a flammable fluid container security device.

FIG. 2 is a fragmentary view of the release mechanism for the fuel can rack.


The device includes a base 10 secured by screws or bolts 11 to the trailer floor 12. A pair of vertical standards 13 and 14 are apertured as at 15 and 16 adjacent the upper ends 17 thereof to freely lodge the horizontal portion 18 of the tubular element 19 which is continued in an integral vertical portion 20. At the lower end of portion 20 is a vertically slidable bell cover 21, which when lowered fits over a threaded element with a thumb handle 23. The lower end of threaded element 22 engages within a threaded aperture at 24 of the sliding bar 25 horizontally disposed in the base 10, and a shoulder 26 disposed on the bar 25 keeps the fuel can against unauthorized removal. When the bell cover is down over thumb handle 23, the vertical tubular portion is double apertured on a horizontal plane just over the top of the bell cover 21, to accommodate a padlock shackle 27 to prevent raising of the bell cover 21 to free the thumb handle 23 on element 22. The horizontal portion 18 of the tubular element 19 when locked prevents upward removal of the fuel can 30 from the rack 31.

A pair of arcuate tubular members 32 and 33 are horizontally disposed and fixed by rivet means 34 to the adjacent edges of the standards 13 and 14.