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A fireplace unit having upper and lower enclosing portions of ceramic material, joined by a girth band which incorporates circumferentially sliding doors. The lower portion comprises a firebox and contains a grille which is readily accessible through the doors, the upper portion being a vented cover. The unit can be floor or wall mounted, the mounting including a reflective shield which remains cool and allows close spacing of the unit from its support. In one form the lower firebox portion is readily removable. The unit is firmly supported and is particularly suitable for use on a boat.

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1. A fireplace unit, comprising:

2. A fireplace unit according to claim 1, and including a grille mounted in said firebox portion below said girth band and being accessible through

3. A fireplace unit according to claim 1, wherein said firebox portion is substantially cylindrical, the upper end thereof having an inset circumferential flange;

4. A fireplace unit according to claim 3, wherein said flanges have portions spaced from said girth band, defining upper and lower circumferential channels therebetween and comprising said guide means;

5. A fireplace unit according to claim 4, wherein said opening extends for

6. A fireplace unit according to claim 5, wherein said firebox portion has an internal circumferential rib below the upper end thereof;

7. A fireplace unit according to claim 1, and including a reflective shield secured to said girth band and extending around substantially half of the

8. A fireplace unit according to claim 7, and including a support bracket secured to said shield for attachment to a supporting surface, said bracket having an arm extending below and supporting said firebox portion.

9. A fireplace unit according to claim 8, wherein said arm has a clamp member adjustably mounted thereof for releasable engagement with said

10. A fireplace unit according to claim 9, wherein said shield extends substantially the full height of the unit.


Various types of fireplaces, heaters and the like are available as self-contained units for floor or wall mounting. Some are open types used with an overhead hood and vent, and may or may not have a grille over the firebox or pan. Others are specifically for barbecue purposes and may include covers, rotisseries and other accessories. Some are stove types primarily for heating, with the fire essentially enclosed. In most instances the unit must be spaced well clear of supporting structure, or special insulation installed for safety. Open types in particular, are dangerous and limited to suitably protected installations.


The fireplace unit described herein is a self-contained structure adaptable to many different installations, even on a boat. The unit comprises upper and lower enclosing portions of ceramic material, joined by a wide girth band which incorporates sliding doors. A simple mounting holds the unit securely, either on a supporting surface such as a floor or deck, or hung from an upright support such as a wall or bulkhead. The lower portion of the unit serves as a firebox and contains a grille which is accessible through the doors. A reflective shield surrounds a major portion of the unit and reflects heat in a controlled direction, while remaining sufficiently cool to permit close spacing of the unit from its supporting surfaces.

The doors slide circumferentially to open almost half of the circumference of the unit, allowing the grille to be used for barbecue or hibachi type cooking. A vent in the upper cover portion is easily connected to a flue to carry off fumes and combustion gases. The fireplace is adaptable to a variety of fuels, or could be fitted with a gas burner.

The primary object of this invention, therefore, is to provide a new and improved fireplace unit.

Another object of this invention is to provide a new and improved fireplace unit having doors in the central portion for access to an internal grille.

Another object of this invention is to provide a new and improved fireplace unit having secure mounting means adaptable to floor or wall mounting.

A further object of this invention is to provide a new and improved fireplace unit having a heat shield which allows close spacing from supporting surfaces.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent upon a reading of the following detailed description and an examination of the drawing, wherein like reference numerals designate like parts throughout and in which:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the complete fireplace unit.

FIG. 2 is a side elevation view with a portion cut away

FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3--3 of FIG. 2.

FIG. 4 is an enlarged sectional view taken on line 4--4 of FIG. 2.

FIG. 5 is a side elevation view of an alternative form of the unit.


The fireplace unit comprises a lower firebox 10 and an upper cover 12 formed of ceramic or similar refractory material and joined by a metal girth band 14. This structure is partially surrounded by a shield 16 attached to a support bracket 18, by which the unit is secured to convenient supporting structure.

Firebox 10 is illustrated as being of circular cross section and tapers to a reduced diameter at the substantially flat lower end 20. In the lower front portion is a flat faced protrusion 22, in which is a removable fire door 24. The fire door preferably has an adjustable draft vent of suitable type, various configurations being well known. At the upper end of firebox 10 is a circumferential external rib 26, with an inset upwardly extending flange 28. Just below the upper end of the firebox is a circumferential internal rib 30, providing a support for the grille 32, and just above fire door 24 is a rib 31 to support a perforated grate 33.

Cover 12 is a domed structure with a short vent pipe 34 at the top. The lower periphery of the cover has an external rib 36, with an inset downwardly extending flange 38. It should be noted that the precise configuration of the ceramic elements may vary somewhat for styling purposes.

The girth band 14 is of corrosion and heat resistant material, such as stainless steel, and is clamped around flanges 28 and 38 between ribs 26 and 36 to secure the two ceramic components together. The ends of the girth band have a small overlap 40 at the rear of the unit to prevent leakage of fumes, and the band is tightened by bolts 42 through lugs 44 on the two ends of the band. Inside the upper end of girth band 14 is a spacer band 46 which contacts flange 38. The width of spacer band 46 is less than the depth of flange 38, to leave a narrow channel 48 between the flange and the girth band, as in FIG. 4. Inside the lower end of the girth band 14 is a similar spacer band 50, forming a channel 52 between flange 28 and the girth band. The front portion of the girth band has a horizontal opening 54 extending for almost half of the circumference, and of sufficient height to provide ready access to the grille 32 for cooking purposes. Mounted in opening 54 are doors 56, the upper and lower edges of which ride in channels 48 and 52. The doors completely close the opening when brought together, and slide back on opposite sides to almost the full width of the opening, the spacer bands 46 and 50 being of sufficient thickness to allow the doors to slide freely. The doors 56 are preferably of the same material as girth band 14 and are provided with handles 58 for ease of operation when hot.

Bracket 18 includes an upright post 60 for attachment to a wall, the lower end of the post having a forwardly extending arm 62. Secured on top of arm 62 is a circular base plate 64 on which the firebox 10 rests, the base plate having a circumferential flange 66 extending downwardly below the arm. Shield 16 is a sheet metal element wrapped in cylindrical form around base plate 64 and extending upwardly at the rear to substantially the full height of the fireplace. The front portion of shield 16 is cut away down to the base plate for access to the fireplace. The shield is secured to the base plate and to post 60 in any suitable manner to form an integral supporting structure, which can be wall hung or placed on the floor, as indicated in FIG. 2. For stability, the fireplace is secured to the supporting structure by screws or similar connectors 68 from girth band 14 to the shield 16. With the structure thus secured together, the fireplace unit can be used on board a boat without fear of tipping over. In any installation, a vent or flue 70 would extend from vent pipe 34 to an exterior outlet.

The configuration illustrated in FIG. 5 is designed for wall hung mounting only and could be made smaller than the standing model. The cover 12 and girth band 14 with doors 56, are as described above, but the firebox 72 is shown as being proportionally shorter. Wall bracket 74 has a forwardly extending arm 76 having a clamp screw 78 which can be tightened upwardly against the bottom of firebox 72. By adjusting the lower end of the girth band so that firebox 72 is not gripped tightly, the firebox can be removed by loosening clamp screw 78 and used separately as a hibachi. The removal also faciliates emptying and cleaning.

Shield 80 is generally semi-cylindrical and extends from bracket 74 around slightly more than half of the circumference of the unit, and is secured to girth band 14 by connectors 68. The unit is thus a rigid assembly which can safely be used on board a boat.

In use, the fireplace unit can be used for barbecue or hibachi type cooking on the grille. With suitable fuel the unit can also be used for smoking, with the doors fully closed. The ceramic portions also act as effective heat radiators in prolonged use, the reflector directing the heat forwardly into the area of use. With an efficient reflector, such as polished stainless steel or the like, the area to the rear of the unit stays reasonably cool and it is possible to mount the unit close to adjacent structure.