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The disclosure relates to a face lifting device attachable to pin curls at both temple areas of the wearer's head. The device consists primarily of especially formed ear clasp connected by extensible bands to the pin curls and of combs similarly connected. The former are used to erase lines and wrinkles at the cheek and mouth areas and minimize flabbiness under the ear area and particularly the neck and underneath the chin. The latter depending on their placement inside the hair line are employed to remove facial wrinkles and if desired may be adjusted to raise the outer corners of the eyes affording the so-called almond eye effect. The device is also useful for lifting the face that has been paralyzed as the result of a stroke or the like.

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What I claim is

1. A cosmetic device for affording facial lift comprising a first extensible member adapted to extend from one side of the head to the other under the hair for its entire length, a comb attached to each end, a second extensible member one end of which is connected to the first member intermediate the ends thereof and adapted to extend rearwardly, a third member connected to the other end of said second extensible member extending substantially parallel to said first member, an ear clasp adapted to positively grasp the outer ear above the lobe being connected to each end of said third member.

2. A device as defined in claim 1, wherein said ear clasp has two legs biased together one of which is curved and thereby adapted to enter the outer ear.

3. A cosmetic device as defined in claim 2 wherein there is provided tubing for the curved leg which is extended beyond the said leg and folded inwardly to engage the front of the ear.

The invention relates to articles employed for beauty treatment and particularly to devices utilizable to effect a facial and eye lift without resorting to surgery which is now commonly performed for that purpose.

Hitherto, face lifting devices are not concealed but applied to the face directly as, for example, adhesive tape. The present embodiment of invention is concealed within or behind the hair and is not normally detectable. In general, it consists of two foreshortened hair combs attached to elastic band which extends and connects to pin curls at temple area and also a pair of ear clasps similarly attached. The bands apply tension to the combs and ear clasps which is translated to the face, eye and chin areas thus affording the desired face lift and, if one chooses, the almond eye effect which some women imagine adds to their charm and allure.

A more detailed description of the invention is afforded below being taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIG. 1 is a side elevation showing the improved face lifting device as worn on the head.

FIG. 2 is a rear elevation of same.

FIG. 3 shows a modified device.

FIG. 4 shows a further modified device.

FIG. 5 is a side view of the ear clasp portion of the device.

FIG. 6 is a front view of the ear clasp.

As shown in the drawings the device 4 is provided with a pair of ear clasps 6 composed of a spring clasp 8 having straight and curved legs 9 and 10, respectively, biased together and protected by soft, flexible and non-alergic tubing. The straight leg is located at the back of the ear and the curved leg extends over the front of the ear lobe and is bent and shaped to enter the outer ear within its cartilagenous convolutions for stability and support when tension is applied by an upward and backward pull.

Plastic covering 11 on the straight leg 9 of the clasp located at the back of the ear extends beyond and upward from the leg where it is joined to a smaller support plastic tube 12. This is done by cutting a hole in the larger tubing one fourth of an inch below its end and looping the smaller tube through the hole and joining the two tubes by a sheet bend knot. This knot is located about one half inch above the top of the ear.

The tubing 11 covering the leg 10 of the clasp is folded back on itself and is bent down to the bottom of clasp being attached thereto and is then brought up again and folded back to form a second loop which is attached to a plastic covering on the opposite leg. One plastic loop is attached to the covering on the leg 10 of the clasp and the other loop is attached to the cover on the leg 9. These loops of soft, resilient plastic tubing cushion the contact between ear tissue and the hard surface of the clasp. These loops are attached by sewing or other means to each leg of the clasp.

All surfaces contacting the lower portion and the inner surfaces of the ear are covered by a strip of silicone 14, preferably a porous form of surgical grade silicone. The silicone strip has two functions. The first is to provide comfort for the ears under tension due to the pull of other components of the device described hereinafter. The second function is to provide increased tenacity and enhanced stability so that the clasps can be held in place with less pressure than would otherwise be required. The small plastic tube 12 connecting the ear clasps is passed through an elastic band 18 which extends across the crown of the head and passes through a second elastic band 20 which is attached to two side combs 22 and 24 with their comb teeth pushed beneath pin curls located just above the hair line in the temple areas.

The device can be positioned to erase the long horizontal lines from the forehead when combs at temple areas are positioned at a bias or slanted angle. This position also gives the "almond eye" effect and tends to erase the "frown lines" from between the eyes and it erases vertical lines from upper lip.

These combs are made of flexible steel. The outer comb teeth located at each end of the combs are completely covered by a small plastic tube 25 which is forced onto the outermost comb teeth and is turned thereover until the ends are touching the adjacent teeth. This bending of the tube stabilizes its position thereby preventing its being pulled off the comb. Before attaching the small plastic tubing to the combs it is first passed through the elastic band 20.

The elastic band 20 connecting the two combs is attached thereto by means of plastic tubes 25 which extend through the band 20, thereby connecting the ear clasps to the side comb set to effect the complete assembly of the device.

The plastic covering of the ear clasp on the area covering ear lobe may be used as a base for sewing one half of a snap fastener for the attachment of a woman's own earring, the opposite half of the snap fastener being sewn on the back surface of her earring. With this arrangement earrings may be changed and worn as desired. The snap fastener does not in any way affect the utility of the woman's earring when worn separately. The earring is of great value in concealing the presence of the face lifting device on the lower half of the ear.

If desired, the ear clasps may be replaced by a third comb 26, as shown in FIG. 3, which is worn just above the hair line at the back of the neck. Tubing 25 of the comb 26 is passed through the band 18 whereby the three combs are connected together.

In instances where only a moderate amount of face lift is needed or desired, it can be effected by the use of two sets of side combs as shown in FIG. 4. The present two side combs 20 and 22 are placed at the temple area and another duplicate set 30 and 32 are attached to pin curls located immediately above the top of the ears and about two inches backward from this area toward the back of the head. An elastic band 34 connecting the combs 30 and 32 is passed through band 36 which are attached to the combs 20 and 22 by means of the band 20.

This invention can be used as an effective, pleasant to use and valuable beauty treatment. If applied with a more gentle lift during relaxation and hours of sleep than is used for daytime face lifting purposes it will gently support and retard sagging of neck and facial tissues. If desired one or more of the sections of this device may be separated, attached and used separately to support specific areas of the face. The gentle and continuous, modified lift as obtained during relaxation and hours of sleep can be invaluable.

With the combs concealed in the hair as explained above the cosmetic device is designed to easily and gently lift and smooth the redundant skin and tissues of the face about the eyes and neck, thereby erasing lines and wrinkles, giving the areas an appearance of a firm youthful skin surface and a better face and neck contour.

As a cosmetic device this invention is pleasant and easy to use and is not unsightly and is undetectable as used for face lifting purposes. It may be used during active sports such as tennis, horse back riding, and even swimming.

The face lifting devices may be used to improve facial appearance which is marred by a paralysis due to a cerebrovascular accident, Bell's palsy or injury to a facial nerve.

Various modifications of the invention may be effected by persons skilled in the art without departing from the principle and scope thereof as defined in the appended claims, in which: