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An inflatable pillow having a central aperture is arranged for positioning under the neck and lower head of the user, maintaining the hair of the user in an elevated position to prevent crushing of the hairdo, and a surge chamber extending beyond the head of the user permits a flow of air into and out of a main portion of the pillow.

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I claim

1. An inflatable pillow for preventing crushing the hairdo of the user comprising:

High-style hairdos for women such as bouffant, teased, piled-on, and the like, cause women considerable difficulty particularly for sleeping or resting in a prone or supine position. Also, curlers in a female's hair prevents comfortable sleeping on ordinary pillows. Numerous attempts have been made in the past to attempt to eliminate hair problems of women for sleeping and resting. For example, it has been suggested to use small pillows under the neck and shoulders to hold the head and hair above a resting surface. Another proposal is to provide a pair of spaced pillows having a cloth suspended between the pillows to support a person's head above a resting surface. A feather pillow is arranged under the shoulders of the user with a rigid extension for holding the head above the resting surface. Still other pillows provide inflatable devices for extending under the shoulders for holding the user's head above the surface. Such pillows generally do a reasonably good job of supporting a person's head but only in one position normally supine, i.e., on one's back, and when the user turns or tosses restlessly, the advantages achieved by the construction is lost.

According to the present invention, I provide an inflatable pillow having a large orifice therein with means for supporting the user's neck, shoulders and a portion of the head with the hair in the opening held above the supporting surface. One side of the pillow for holding the user's head used under the neck and shoulders, is larger than the opposite side. The other side provides a surge chamber for air in the inflatable pillow to prevent rocking and bulging of the pillow on movement of the user on the pillow. The invention provides neck and lower head support while maintaining the hair above the supporting surface and permits the user to lie on her side as well as supine on her back and prone on her stomach, but still provides support for the hair above the supporting surface.

Included among the objects and advantages of the invention is a double compartment inflatable pillow arranged to support the neck and lower head of the user while maintaining the user's head above a supporting surface.

Another object of the invention is to provide a double-chambered pillow in which a user rests on one chamber and the other chamber provides a surge volume to permit movement of the user on the pillow without the pillow bulging or oscillating under the movement.

Another object of the invention is to provide an inflatable pillow in which the user's neck and head is supported, maintaining the user's hair above the supporting surface and in an aperture in the pillow.

These and other objects and advantages of the invention may be readily ascertained by referring to the following description and appended illustrations in which:

FIG. 1 is a top plan view of an assembled inflatable pillow in use, according to the invention;

FIG. 2 is a developed section of a pillow slip, arranged for covering a compartment of the pillow of the invention; and

FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the pillow according to the invention taken along section line 3--3 of FIG. 1.

In the device selected for illustration, a pillow according to the invention includes a large inflatable chamber 10 formed of a piece of material folded back on itself and sealed along its edges. A long seal 12 on the side opposite the fold of the chamber 10, a seal along end 14 and a seal 16 on the opposite end forms the chamber. Secured to and in communication with the chamber 10 is a folded back piece of material 18 having its edges sealed together at 20 and sealed along junction line 22 to the chamber 10. In a similar manner a piece of material 24 folded back on itself is sealed along its edges 26 and is sealed along junction line 28 for open communication with the chamber 10. Thus, chamber 10 is open communication with the both side chambers to provide a free flow of air therethrough. A surge chamber 30 is formed by a piece of folded back material and sealed along its edges 32, sealed along one end 34 and the opposite end 36. The surge chamber is connected to the side chambers along seal line 38 at one end and seal line 42 at the other end to the chambers 24 and 28 respectively.

With all of the seals in airtight relation, the device forms an inflatable unit having a large chamber 10, a smaller surge chamber 30 and passages 24 and 18 extending between the two. A filling valve 40 is sealed through the edge seal 34 for filling and exhausting air into and from the unit.

In one useful form, the pillow is made generally rectangular, about 28 inches long with the large chamber 10 being about 7 inches in diameter and the surge chamber about 41/2 inches in diameter. The side passages are about 11/2 inches in diameter and about 71/2 inches long. With such a configuration, the hollow center is about a 91/2-inch wide rectangle with rounded seams on all inside edges. The material may be sheet rubber, sheet plastic which is flexible and resilient, or the like. The material must be sealable to form an imperforate unit capable of holding air for a considerable period of time. It may be heat sealable, sealed by solvent, cement or the like.

As illustrated in FIG. 1, a user 60 lies with her neck and lower head on the large chamber 10 with her hair 62 extended into the opening in the pillow. Any movement of the user presses on the chamber 10 sending a surge of air into the surge chamber to permit free movement on the pillow without the pillow bulging or bouncing, and permitting the pillow to remain soft and very pliable. The pillow may be used by the user lying flat on her back, her stomach, or on her side, with the hair maintained above the supporting surface and without crushing by the hairdo of the user. It is easily and quickly inflated or deflated providing a very portable pillow, which folds into a small package when deflated.

A pillow slip is readily provided, shown in FIG. 2, by a piece of material 70 arranged to be folded along fold line 72 and having triangular shaped pockets 73, 74, 75 and 76. The slip is placed over the chamber 10 by passing it through the opening in the pillow with the two sides folded back over the large chamber 10. The triangular shaped pockets of one edge of slip are then placed over the ends 13 and 15. For example, pockets 73 and 74 are placed over the ends first and then the folded over top section with the pockets 76 and 75 placed over the pockets 73 and 74 respectively to hold the pillow slip securely. The pillow slip provides a sanitary cover, and prevents skin contact with bare rubber or plastic.