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The disclosure herein is of a lavatory spout of composite construction to provide a unitary member which eliminates plating of brass castings, this being a sometimes difficult and unsatisfactory process because of inclusions in the casting, the spout hereof availing of a cover of die-cast parts which are easier to plate, cover up the brass casting, and are secured thereto by parts which make assembly feasible and produce what actually appears to be a solid, single member functionally the exact equivalent of the usual spout.

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I claim

1. In spout construction of the class described, in combination, a fluid carrying body, a mounting shank depending therefrom and providing fluid inlet thereto, a spout portion extending outwardly from the body and having a discharge section at the free end thereof, a lift-rod passage in the body, and a cover consisting of upper and lower members, the upper member being of generally inverted U-shaped cross section to substantially enclose the body and spout portion, means to retain said upper member in position over the said body and spout portion, the lower member is positioned between the free edges of the upper member to complete the enclosure of the body and spout portion, said lower member having a shank-receiving opening at one end and an opening for the discharge section at the other, means at said openings to maintain said lower member in position,

2. The combination as claimed in claim 1, wherein the discharge section has a threaded opening therein, and a threaded spud is engaged therewith and also engages the lower cover member through the opening therein.

3. The combination as claimed in claim 1, wherein the discharge section includes threads therein, a threaded spud extends through the opening in the lower member and engages the said threads to position the corresponding ends of the upper and lower members around the spout portion, and a snapring engages the shank and retains the other end of the lower member in position.

4. The combination as claimed in claim 1, wherein a spud in the lift-rod passage engages the upper member to position the same over the body and spout portion, the lower member is maintained between the free edges of the upper member by a spud member at the discharge section of the spout portion and a snapring around the shank at the shank-receiving opening.


It is a particular object of the instant invention to provide a lavatory spout of composite construction in which a brass body member is availed of and since this is difficult to plate under most conditions, and by plating it is meant chrome plate for finished appearance, -- the said casting is enclosed by die-cast parts whether of zinc or some composition thereof, which basically are much more readily plated and provide a better appearing finish for less cost than is feasible in attempting to polish and otherwise process the normal brass castings.

A further object of the invention is to provide a composite spout of the kind herein under consideration, wherein the spout in final appearance is undistinquishable from a comparably formed solid brass spout member, by reason of the configuration of the various cover members which are used to enclose a brass casting, and which do not reveal essentially the manner of assembly and maintaining of the parts on and around the brass basic casting.

Another object of the invention is to provide spout construction in which a body capable of carrying fluid is provided, and answers the structural needs of a spout since it is capable of being mounted on a lavatory or the like, convey water through the same and basically is not affected by the water as would be the case if the entire spout was made of a single die casting in contrast to a brass cast body.

Another object of the invention is to provide a composite spout wherein the manner of assembly and maintaining the cover parts around a brass basic body is simple enough to reduce manufacturing costs, and yet effective to maintain the parts in connection irrespective of the handling that the spout as a whole is subjected to, and yet the cost is ultimately probably no greater than if a solid brass spout was availed of and polished, buffed and otherwise ultimately plated in a manner to appear as is the spout herein.

Other and further objects of the invention will be understood from a consideration of the specification appended hereto and disclosed in the drawing wherein:

FIG. 1 is a vertical sectional view, partly fragmentary, showing the spout of the composite construction herein.

FIG. 2 is a bottom plan view of the spout as disclosed in FIG. 1.

FIG. 3 is a perspective view showing one of the cover members, illustrating for explanation purposes the form thereof and suggesting the assembly.

Referring now to FIG. 1, the spout of this invention is disclosed as comprising a fluid-carrying body designated 1 which is provided at its lower portion and integral therewith, with a shank 2 which includes the threads 3 thereon.

The shank 2 provides for the passage of water through the interior thereof as indicated at 4 and upwardly therewithin around a pipe 5 which is threadedly engaged at its upper end at 6 with a lift rod passage generally designated 7 in the body 1.

The purpose of this pipe 5 is to connect with a crosspiece and through a crosspiece which in turn fastened to the shank 2 to permit water to flow into the shank and upwardly therein, and the pipe 5 excluding water from flowing upwardly and outwardly through the lift rod passage 7 previously referred to.

Integral with the body 1 and extending outwardly therefrom is a spout portion 8, having a passage 9 therein for water to flow therethrough to the discharge section 10 which includes the threaded opening 11 therein, directed downwardly as indicated, and adapted to receive therewithin a threaded spud or adapter 12 having the threads 13 thereon engaged in the threads 11 of the discharge section 10 previously referred to.

The spud or adapter 12 may be sealed as to water passage by means of a suitable O-ring 14 above a shoulder 15 on the spud or adapter to engage a suitable shoulder 16 formed in the discharge section 10 previously mentioned.

It will be apparent that the spud or adapter 12 provides for the outflow of liquid, or in this case water, from the spout and also may be formed so as to receive and support thereon a suitable aerator not shown, but well known in the art.

As initially indicated herein, the spout thus far described including the body 1, the shank 2 and the spout portion 8, is preferably a brass casting formed in the usual manner, and in order to obviate the necessity to polish, buff and otherwise treat the same for finished appearance and ultimate chrome plating, it has been found more economical by this invention to provide a cover including an upper cover member 17 which is generally U-shaped in cross section and with the U-shape considered as being inverted, whereby the lower edges thereof as indicated at 18, are in what may be termed a generally free or open condition so that if nothing more was done, the cover member 17 being the upper cover member, will itself hide the rough brass casting including the portion thereof previously mentioned, namely the body 1, shank 2 and spout portion 8.

In order to maintain this upper cover member in position on the casting comprised as previously indicated, a suitable spud 19 is provided, having the threads 20 thereon with an upper nut-shaped shoulder 21 at the lift-rod passage 7 previously mentioned, and engaged with the threads formed therein so that the nut portion 21 presses downwardly on the cover member 17 and maintains the same in engagement with the body 1 as will be apparent.

The exterior configuration of this upper member 17 may be of any preferred form, which appeals to the esthetic, not forming a part hereof however, but being intended to be provided of zinc die casting or the like which is relatively easily finished as to chrome plating, and for suitable appearance in domestic plumbing installations.

Since the lower portion of the upper member 17 is in what may be termed a generally open condition, and it is desirable to close the same, a lower cover member generally indicated at 22 is provided, having a shank receiving opening 23 at one end, and an opening for the discharge section indicated at 24 at the other end.

The member 22 is generally formed so that it will be received within the open downwardly extending portions of the inverted U-shaped upper cover member 17, and includes certain stiffening ribs 25 formed therein, or more particularly formed therewith, since this is a die casting likewise.

At the shank receiving opening 23, is a suitable recess as indicated at 26 in FIG. 1, which is formed so as to extend around the opening 23 and provide for positioning a snapring 27 therewithin, the snapring 27 engaging in a suitably corresponding groove 28 formed in the shank 2 at the upper end of the threads 3 formed thereon.

The snapring is a simple wire ring member of known configuration, and thus easily assembled on the shank 2 as will be apparent.

With the foregoing general description of the specific parts in mind, the disclosure in FIG. 1 is again referred to as showing these respective parts in their proper position to provide a composite spout, with the upper cover member 17 maintained in position on the fluid carrying body 1 by means of the spud 19 entered in the lift rod passage, the outer end of the upper cover member 17 being generally in close association with the outer end of the discharge section 8, and in conjunction with the lower cover member 22, which fits within the downwardly open edges of the cover member 17, with the opening 24 positioned at the discharge section 10, and maintained in position thereon by means of the spud or adapter 12, the other end at the opening 23 therein being positioned around the shank 2, and maintained in position on the shank, and thus within the cover member 17 by means of the snapring 27 previously mentioned.

The recess 26 provides for the flat mounting of lower face 30 of the bottom cover member 22 on the lavatory in the desired and preferred manner.