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A portable golf game using a golf club and a ball and including a runner simulating a golfing green and having an inclined portion at the end of the runner with the incline and runner having selected scoring areas. The scoring area on the incline is a centrally located ball receiving opening. The scoring area on the runner may be in the form of marks simulating a triangulated shuffleboard score area. The inclination of the incline is such that some balls traveling up the incline with inadequate momentum will reverse and roll down onto the scoring area on the runner. A vertical wall is provided beyond the upper end of the incline to form a backboard.

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Marlo, George J.
I claim

1. A portable golf putting game comprising an elongated runner, an inclined portion at one end of said runner supported by a rigid structure, said rigid structure including an inclined wall and a vertical extending wall extending beyond the upper surface of said inclined wall to form a backboard, a centrally located opening disposed through the corresponding surfaces of said inclined portion of said runner and said inclined wall of the rigid structure of a size to receive a game ball, said runner further having a plurality of markings located a preselected distance relative to said inclined portion, defining a secondary scoring area, said preselected distance and the angle of inclination of said inclined portion being selected to insure that at least some of the game balls traveling up the incline will reserve and roll down onto said secondary scoring area.

2. The game of claim 1 with said angle being in the range of from around 30° to 45°.

3. The game of claim 2 with said runner being constructed of a material simulating the surface conditions of a putting green.

4. The game of claim 3 with said runner being made of carpet material with a cut pile.

5. The game of claim 3 with said secondary scoring area being defined by marks simulating a triangulated shuffleboard score area.


The present invention relates to portable golf games.

The present invention can be used as a portable game and in addition can be used as a means for the serious golfer to practice putting. Therefore it is an object of the present invention to provide a portable golf game. It is another object to provide a game of the above type which can also be used as means for practice putting.

In addition, the portable golf game has a novel scoring arrangement which enhances its utility as a game. Therefore it is another object of the present invention to provide a novel portable golf game of the above noted type including a novel scoring arrangement.

Other objects, features, and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from the subsequent description and the appended claims, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIG. 1 is a pictorial view illustrating the features of the game of the present invention;

FIG. 2 is a side elevational view of the game; and

FIG. 3 is a sectional view on an enlarged scale taken generally along the lines 3-3 in FIG. 1.

Looking how to the drawings, the game is to be played by an individual 10 utilizing a golf club 12 and a golf ball 14. The club 12 preferably is a conventional putter and the golf ball 14 preferably is a conventional golf ball (although a toy club and ball could be used). The game is played on an elongated runner 16 which is predominately flat and which terminates at one end in an inclined portion 18. The runner 16 can be constructed of a number of different materials but is preferably made of a material having surface characteristics simulating that of an actual putting green. It has been found that carpet material with a cut pile provides good results since the ends of the pile approximate the closely cut grass on putting greens (see FIG. 3).

The inclined portion 18 of the runner 16 is supported upon a rigid structure 20 having a triangular cross section. The structure 20 and portion 18 are provided with mating apertures to define an opening 22 which is of a size to receive the ball 14. The structure 20 includes an upwardly extending member 24 which extends beyond the inclined portion 18 to define a backboard.

The runner 16 opposite the inclined portion 18 is marked by longitudinally spaced lines as at 26, 28, 30 and 32 to define different starting points to accommodate players of differing skills. In addition, the runner 16 is provided with a secondary scoring zone 34 which zone 34 is located at a preselected distance from the inclined portion 18. The secondary scoring zone 34 is preferably arranged to define the triangulated scoring pattern 36 which is of the type normally associated with shuffleboard (suggested scoring values have been included in pattern 36). Additional scoring areas have been added including the circle 38, the area preceding the line 40 and the area 42 outside of the triangulated pattern 36. Of course, the primary scoring area is the opening 22 on the inclined portion 18.

The game is played by putting the ball 14 and attempting to get the ball 14 onto the highest scoring area possible. If two persons are playing, each is provided with a plurality of playing balls and will take turns. Scoring can be done in a variety of ways, i.e. the difference in total scores, shuffleboard rules, etc.

Note that to enhance the scoring activity of the game the scoring pattern 36 is located at a preselected distance relative to the inclined portion 18 and the angle of inclination is selected such that a ball which rolls up the incline and misses the opening 22 can roll down into some part of the scoring pattern 36. The backboard 24 also provides the feature that rebound shots can end up on some part of the scoring pattern 36. It has been found that with a runner made of a cut pile (or a somewhat similar material) an inclination of between 30° and 45° (with the horizontal) is preferred and provides the desirable playing action.

Thus the subject game provides a means of enjoyment either as a game or as a practice putting green.

While it will be apparent that the preferred embodiment of the invention disclosed is well calculated to fulfill the objects above stated, it will be appreciated that the invention is susceptible to modification, variation and change without departing from the proper scope or fair meaning of the invention.