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An artificial tree in the nature of a Christmas tree having a base portion from which projects a trunk portion and a plurality of individual branch portions projecting at angles from the trunk portion. The base, trunk and branch portions are hollow and have an electric circuit running therethrough. The base portion has contained therein an electric power source and an off-on switch for the circuit. Lights are provided in the trunk and branch portions connected to the circuit. The base is mounted on a fabric or flexible plastic member which is loosely filled with granular material whereby the member will readily conform to any surface on which it is placed and provide a weighted nonsliding bottom for the tree.

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I claim

1. An artificial Christmas tree comprising: a trunk member, a plurality of branch members, said branch members affixed to said trunk member and projecting axially and radially from said trunk member, a base portion, said base portion attached to an end of said trunk member with said trunk member projecting from said base member, light sources attached to said trunk member and said branch members, an electric circuit disposed interiorly of said trunk member sand said branch members, said light sources in the path of said electric circuitry, said base portion hollow, a portable power source in said base portion, said electric circuit connected to said power source in said base portion, an off-on electrical switch affixed to said base portion, said electric circuit connected through said switch, said base portion having a bottom opposite the point of projection of the said trunk member, a base member attached to the exterior of said bottom, said base member comprising a flexible bag, and said bag loosely filled with a granular material whereby the said base member provides a bottom weight for the said tree and is conformable to surfaces on which the tree is placed.

2. The tree of claim 1 wherein the said trunk member, said branch members, and the said base portion are constructed of metal and the said bag is constructed of fabric.

3. The Christmas tree of claim 1 wherein the said branches are covered with artificial needles to resemble a fir tree.

4. An artificial device dimensioned to resemble a Christmas tree comprising: a hollow elongated trunk member, a plurality of hollow elongated branch members projecting axially and radially from said trunk member, said branch members having various axial lengths, the longest of said branch members positioned adjacent one end of said trunk member and the shortest of said branch members positioned adjacent the other end of said trunk member, said trunk member having a light source attached thereto at the end thereof closest to the short branch members, said branch members having light sources attached thereto at their ends remote from the said trunk member, said trunk member centrally attached to a first member, said first member adapted to provide a cover for a cup-shaped base portion, said first member attached to the open end of said base portion, electrical circuitry in said hollow trunk member and hollow branch members connecting the said light sources, said circuitry extending into said cup-shaped member, a portable power source in said cup-shaped member, an off-on electrical switch attached to said first member having an actuating arm projecting from said first member exterior of the said cup-shaped member, said circuitry connected to said power source and to said switch whereby actuation of the said switch will illuminate the said light sources, a base member attached to the bottom of said cup-shaped member on the exterior thereof, said base member including a flexible bag, said flexible bag loosely filled with a granular material, said granular material freely shiftable within said bag, and artificial needles on said branch members.


1. Field of the Invention

This invention relates to decorative devices and more particularly to an artificial Christmas tree.

2. Prior Art

While artificial Christmas trees and the like are well-known to the art, they are either not provided with integral lighting means or is if so provided, are complexly constructed and usually provide external power sources, making them undesirable for use in areas which are inconveniently located with respect to an electrical power source.

Further, such prior art devices are either designed to be placed in a conventional Christmas tree holder or have attached thereto decorative holders such as simulated pots or the like which may either scratch the surface on which they are resting or are unable to accommodate rough surfaces. Further, such prior art bases are not desirable for use in a moving vehicle such as an automobile, where it may be desired to place the tree on the rear deck.


This invention overcomes the disadvantages of the prior art by providing a completely portable artificial Christmas tree which has attached to the bottom and forming the resting base a member which is conformable to the dimensions of the surface on which it is resting and which comprises a granular material loosely filled bag or the like.

The artificial tree carries its own power source and has the wiring therefor entirely concealed within a base portion and the trunk and branches of the tree. Further, the present invention is simply constructed and economical to manufacture while presenting a pleasing appearance.

It is therefore an object of this invention to provide an improved decorative article in the form of a Christmas tree.

It is a further object of this invention to provide an artificial Christmas tree mounted in upon a flexible material base member loosely filled with a granular material.

It is a further and more specific object of this invention to provide an artificial Christmas tree having hollow stem and branches, the stem projecting from a hollow base portion, the hollow base portion mounted on a flexible member loosely filled with a granular material.

It is another and more important object of this invention to provide an artificial Christmas tree having a hollow trunk and branches, the trunk being mounted on a hollow base, the hollow base being mounted on a flexible member ll loosely filled with granular material, the hollow base, trunk and branches having contained therein an electrical circuit and power source including an off-on switch and the branches and trunk having light sources associated therewith coupled to the electrical circuit.

Other objects, features ad and advantages of the invention will be readily apparent from the following description of a preferred embodiment thereof, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, although variations and modifications may be effected without departing from the spirit and scope of the novel concepts of the disclosure.


FIG. 1 is a plan view of the Christmas tree of this invention;

FIG. 2 is an enlarged fragmental cross-sectional view taken along the lines II-II of FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 is a fragmentary cross-sectional view of the hollow base of this invention taken along the lines III-III of FIG. 2.


FIG. 1 illustrates the artificial Christmas tree 10 of this invention. The tree consists essentially of a base member 11, a base portion 12, a trunk 13 and a plurality of branches 14.

The branches 14 project radially outwardly and axially upwardly from the trunk 13 and are preferably covered with artificial needles 15 so as to resemble a fir tree. Additionally, the branches are preferably of various lengths with the longest disposed adjacent the base end of the trunk 13 and the shortest disposed adjacent the top 16. Small lights 17 are provided at the tip 16 of the trunk and at the ends of the branches 14 remote from the trunk 13.

As best illustrated in FIG. 2, the branches 15, trunk 13, and base portion 12 are not solid but are rather hollowly dimensioned. The trunk 13 and branches 14 have a an electrical circuit 18 positioned therein. The lamps 17 are connected to the circuit 18. The circuit 18 projects beyond the open base end 10 20 of the trunk 13. At that point, the wires may be surrounded by a weight collar 21 which also protects the wires from rubbing against the end 20 of the trunk. The branches 14 may be attached to the trunk 13 by any acceptable method such as fusing, welding, brazing, press-fit or the like.

The trunk and branches may be constructed of metal, plastic or wood and may be dimensioned so as to provide a tree of any desired height. The base portion 12 consists of a cup-shaped member 24 having an open end 25 which is closed by a cover 26.

In the embodiment illustrated the cup-shaped member 24 has a radially inturned lip 27 circumferentially around the open end 25. The cover 26 is detachably secured to the cup-shaped portion 24 by means of machine screws threaded into the inturned lip 27. The central portion of the cover 26 has an annular opening 30 therein surrounded by an axially out-turned collar 31 which projects upwardly from the cover 26. The trunk 13 is attached to the cover 26 at the collar 31 and wires 32 project from the protective weight collar 21 into the interior 33 of the cup-shaped member 24. The base 35 of the cup-shaped member 24 has mounted thereon battery-retaining clips 36 and terminal members 37. The clips 36 are adapted to receive standard dry cell batteries 38 and maintain the them in position between the members 37. The members 37 contain metallic contact points 37a which are connected to wires 39. The wires 39 in turn are connected to the ends 40 of the wires 32 at a solder point 41 to complete an electrical circuit comprising the circuitry 18 including the wires 32, the solder points 41, the wires 39, the contact points 37a, and the batters 38, thus providing electrical power to the lights 17.

One of the wires 32 has portions thereof 43 and 44 connected through an off-on switch 45 which may be a toggle switch. The switch 45 has its activating arm 46 projecting through the cover 26.

It can therefore be seen that the needles 15, branches 14, trunk 13 and base portion 12 combine to provide an artificial illuminated Christmas tree or the like having a self-contained power source accessible through a removable top on the base portion. It is to be understood that the number and spacing of the branches is illustrative only and that the branches preferably project from the trunk portion at random around the circumference thereof. Although only two batteries 38 are illustrated, it is to be understood that more or less may be utilized. A circuitry for the lights 17 is preferably in series for simplicity, but may be in parallel relation and may include, if desired, circuitry or mechanism to provide intermittent flashing to the bulbs 17.

In order to provide stability to the artificial tree described above and in order to allow it to be utilized on any surface an and in varying conditions, a base member 11 is provided. The base member 11 consists essentially of a fabric bag 50 loosely filled with a fungible granular mass 51 such as large-gained sand, pebbles, beams or the like. The bag 50 is attached to the outside surface of the bottom 35 of the cup-shaped portion 24 by any standard means such as riveting, gluing, or the like and combines with the other elements of the tree to provide a single unit. The bag 50 although preferably composed of fabric may be of flexible plastic or the like and the filling material 51 is adapted to shift within the bag so as to allow the bag to conform with any surface on which the tree is placed.

The base member 50 provides a bottom weight for the tree, giving it added stability while providing a protection for the surfaces on which the tree is placed.

It can therefore be seen from the above that my invention provides for a new decorative device in the form of an artificial, illuminated Christmas tree containing its own power source and having a base member adapted to rest against any surface and to retain the tree in position. The tree is particularly adapted for use in vehicles or other areas where access to exterior power sources is limited or where operating conditions require a stable article.

Although the teachings of my invention have herein been discussed with reference to specific theories and embodiments, it is to be understood that these are by way of illustration only and that others may wish to utilize my invention in different designs or applications.